(NEW YORK POST) Former Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin will have to pay Donald Trump and his Miss USA pageant $5 million for defamation after all, despite her pleas the award would “financially devastate” her.

Federal Judge J. Paul Oetken just upheld an arbitrator’s decision that Monnin must pony up for calling the pageant “fraudulent,” even though, “The court does not take lightly that Monnin is compelled to pay . . . a devastating monetary award,” he wrote Tuesday. But he blamed Monnin for not taking the case seriously enough.

He wrote that although the beauty “should have initially engaged in mediation and, later, remained diligent over the course of the [arbitration] process, it is clear . . . she was woefully unaware of both the consequences of her disengagement and the severity of the allegations” against her.

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