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Detroit is America's future

It is difficult not to feel heartbroken when you look at photos of today’s Detroit. Two short generations ago it was a working-class mecca, where union bosses did battle with auto executives and brought the spoils home to their membership. With a little rake-off on the side for themselves, of course.

Today Detroit is the ash heap of delusional, elitist dreams for America. With its industry and union jobs under attack by overseas competitors, the unions and corporate bosses chose instead to fight over who retained the dwindling dollars of a commoditized industry.

Detroit’s government, under the guise of political correctness at first, then racism when things started to go bad, became a closed system of corrupt cronyism and incompetence intent on bleeding the productive sector to death. They succeeded, beyond their wildest dreams. What was left has finally collapsed under its own weight. Those who will bear this collapse are retirees, bondholders and home and business owners.

Detroit’s government grew expert at only one thing: Promising the impossible to voters, who bought the lies hook, line and sinker. That’s because it was what they wanted to hear. “Stick it to the man! Power to the people. Make the rich pay.”

The rich never pay. They only extract the cost from an increasingly gullible and stupid citizenry who live the lie of life handing out free lunches, if only you have the right hard luck story, social grievances, or voting record. Meanwhile, the politicians the idiots elected stole them blind and promised that when they were re-elected everything would work out just fine. It did. For the politicians.

In 2008 Detroit’s governing expertise came to Washington, D.C, via Chicago and the mob that had extorted blood from Chicagoans so successfully. In 2012 idiots nationwide re-elected the mob’s administration, upon promises that “staying the course” would mean that everything “would work out just fine.” It will. For the politicians.

Lest anyone look to the House of Representatives for America’s reprieve from its motor city destiny, this week the House voted by a slender majority that the laws they pass now supersede the Bill of Rights, which limits the government’s power to search your private electronic papers without evidence that you are involved in criminal activity. Here’s the list of those who care and who don’t.

The NSA, a wartime military agency, can continue to monitor everything you do, say and think. Their next big effort will be predicting future behavior based on the information they have gathered. No evidence of criminal behavior is required for them to build a day-by-day log of your life and distribute it to other government agencies.

Of course, given the number of insane laws that now comprise the federal government, NSA is probably correct: Eventually, we will all be found guilty of something. And even if not, NSA can report what we are saying and thinking. Congress can then retroactively criminalize our thoughts.

The only difference between Detroit and America is going to be the worldwide scale of the economic destruction that is brought about.

Cronyism and corruption killed Detroit. Once you allow corrupt and incompetent politicians to build systems that maintain them in power, the end is in sight. Corruption is killing America.