Wow! Larry Elder sure represented real black America (not the left wing bizzare fantasy black America), well and subsequently WND’s support for real black America when he took on Piers Morgan at high noon.

Young blacks play perfectly into left-wing (white) establishment hands by relishing in the punk/hoodie culture ostensibly giving it to the Man but only hurting themselves.

In fact, they are being used and certainly abused by the teachers union-preferred P.C.-centered state education, as Larry and other sensible black leaders try desperately to point out to them.

On Morgan’s one “stuck on stupid” pony trick:

It doesn’t matter if the young lady, Rachel Jeantel, graduated from Yale. All that says these days is volumes about left-wing establishment academia that can push along populist enamored intellectual follow-the-crowd zombies, such as Obama.

I really wish Larry or Alan Keyes would take a run at the GOP leadership or if given the bums rush like Santorum, be part of a third party even Reaganite celebrities are speaking of these days.

WND is no pipsqueak media player to have in your corner to take such a leap.

Paul Gordon

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