(Media Research Center) Which celebrities make the most money and get the most interviews and other attention from the media? Nearly all of them are liberal Democrats. At least according to a new list by Forbes, called “the Celebrity 100.”

Forbes explained how they rank the celebrities: “We factor in celebrity earnings over the last 12 months, but we also tally how often each celebrity is mentioned in print and on TV, and gauge the strength of their Internet presence and how they’re viewed by a critical constituency: American consumers.” In other words, how much love they get from the media also translates to how popular they are with the public. Unsurprisingly, conservatives got little love, not making even a tenth of total list.

In fact there were no conservatives at all in the top 30 on the list. Only six professed conservatives made the list, including three talk radio hosts or Fox News commentators. There were nine times as many liberals (54).

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