Last week, some comments I made on a local radio show out of Cleveland became national news.

For a two-day span, if you were paying attention to any sports channel, website or reading about baseball, odds are you encountered my comments on the game and the steroid era.

It was never my intention for some comments to a local radio affiliate in Cleveland to spark an intense debate on an activity that is nothing more than trivial entertainment; it is my intention in the span of this column, however, to spark debate on a topic that is certainly cause for a true national dialogue. An honest, factual and mature discussion on the state of racial relations in this country is long overdue.

After all, wasn’t it the attorney general of the Department of Justice himself who said America was a “nation of cowards” when it came to discussing race in this country?

With the acquittal of George Zimmerman – you remember him, the “creepy a– cracker” – the citizens of this great nation got an up-close-and-personal reminder of the intense hatred a sizable portion of the American population has for the white-Hispanic community.

The reaction was the complete reverse of the O.J. Simpson verdict of “not guilty” from nearly 20 years ago. As I recall, there were no vigils for Nicole Brown Simpson or Ron Goldman on the eve of or during the aftermath of Simpson’s acquittal. There was no threat by the DOJ to reopen the case and walk a thin line of double jeopardy and retry the case as a “hate crime” under civil rights laws. In fact, it is my supposition that many in this country, most notably Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, don’t feel civil rights apply whatsoever to the white community (or white-Hispanic, whatever that is) and “hate crimes” certainly can’t go in that direction.

Instead of cheers, hugging and crying, it was as if the “not guilty” verdict were a symbolic unearthing of the body of Trayvon Martin and putting another bullet in him.

Amazingly, some of the tweets by professional athletes made it seem like they were advocating someone putting a bullet in George as some sort of social justice, however:

  • Victor Cruz of the New York Giants tweeted: “Thoroughly confused. Zimmerman doesn’t last a year before the hood catches up to him.”
  • Roddy White, a wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons, tweeted: “All them jurors should go home tonight and kill themselves for letting a grown man get away with killing a kid.”
  • Lennox Lewis, a former champion boxer, tweeted: “Some act like America is colorblind. The reality is its NOT. My son also looks like Trayvon & we also have a home in FLA. ‪#TravonMartin
  • Oklahoma City Thunder center Kendrick Perkins tweeted: “American justice system is a joke.”

Was that system a “joke” when Ray Lewis was acquitted of a double homicide in Atlanta, Ga., a decade ago? No, that was justice. When the “white-Hispanic” walks free, that same system is a joke.

The American justice system is not a joke. It’s an impartial system, where a jury of the accused individual will decide their legal fate via the evidence the state prosecutor provides.

The intense media campaign – fueled by President Obama’s interjecting of himself into the story with his ill-advised “If I had a son” comment – to deem George Zimmerman guilty long before a jury of his peers had been selected represents the only joke present in this country and our justice system.

Al Sharpton, employed as a professional racial agitator, was instrumental in the pre-trial lynching of George Zimmerman (partially funded and organized by Holder’s Department of Justice). He’s also one of the main proponents of a post-trial lynching of Zimmerman as well.

Some of you reading this might remember a column I wrote back in February of this year, which detailed the depressing local news story of the murder of Brittney Watts.

Unlike George Zimmerman, who after an exhaustive search by the FBI turned up no “racist” rocks in his past, the convicted murderer of Watts did have a racial motive for shooting and killing not just her, but two other white girls in Atlanta.

In an example of a true hate crime, Nkosi Thandiwe admitted why he killed Brittney Watts, paralyzed Lauren Garcia and shot Tiffany Ferenczy in this statement.

Here’s what he told the prosecutor, as he confessed to the crimes he would subsequently be charged for and sentenced to life-plus-65-years, with CBS Atlanta reporting:

“In terms of slavery and race, it was something that needed to be answered for. I saw it as something that the black community hasn’t recovered from so my initial way to handle that was to spread information to help combat some of the ignorance that was in the black community about our history,” said Thandiwe.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but you were trying to spread the message of making white people the enemy,” asked Assistant District Attorney Linda Dunikoski.

“Yes,” replied Thandiwe.

Outside of a few conservative websites, little coverage existed of the Brittney Watts story. CNN, headquartered not far from where the murder of Watts took place, was too busy broadcasting news stories from Sanford, Fla., and expending energy on asinine panels debating every aspect of the Martin/Zimmerman affair to be bothered with reporting on the Watts tragedy, which included a self-proclaimed racially biased motive by the killer.

While the “reality show” trial of George Zimmerman was just kicking off, another example of CNN turning the other cheek to a story eerily similar to the murder of Watts was taking place.

In Cobb County, Ga. (part of metro Atlanta), 36-year-old Joshua Heath Chellew was murdered. Attacked by four black individuals roughly the same age of Trayvon Martin, Chellew’s death was originally ruled a hit-and-run.

But the details that emerged regarding his death glaringly resembled those of the type of black-on-white assaults happening nationwide that Colin Flaherty has documented.

The Marietta Daily-Journal was one of the few outlets to report on this incident:

“Jekari Oshay Strozier, 19; Antonio Shantwan Pass, 18; and Johnathan Donald Anthony, 18; all from Mableton, are in the Cobb County jail without bond on charges of felony murder, aggravated assault and violation of the Georgia Street Gang Act.

“The fourth suspect, 18-year-old Kemonta Bonds of Mableton, turned himself in to police Tuesday afternoon.

“According to the warrant, the four teenagers are accused of starting a fight with Chellew at a Chevron gas station in the 6200 block of Mableton Parkway near Community Drive at about 1:20 a.m. Sunday. They repeatedly punched and kicked him, according to police.

“While attempting to escape, Chellew backed into the center five-lane highway and was pushed to the ground and knocked unconscious, the warrant states.

“They then walked away from Chellew, ‘leaving him helpless,’ and he was eventually hit by a car, the warrant states.”

But don’t hold your breath waiting for CNN to report this story.

What happened on the night of Feb. 26, 2012 in Sanford, Fla., between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin was a tragedy. What has happened since that fateful night is nothing short of an American farce, exacerbated by racial demagogues, the Obama administration and a media that poured 10-gallons of anti-white gasoline onto a small fire that really had nothing to do with white people at all.

But as the Chellew and Watts stories show, even when a story of true racial hate happens in their own backyard, media and race mongrels had rather find a white-Hispanic to manufacture a story that fits their agenda.

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