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Muslim Brotherhood threatens civil war in Egypt

The following is an appeal from Dr. Ashraf Ramelah, director of Voice of the Copts, to the international community, in particular fellow Christians, to prevent the promised coming bloodshed in Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood has made repeated public statements that on July 19th it will begin attacks against Egypt’s military compounds, military personnel, government buildings, and soft targets (houses, stores, and churches) in order to recover and secure their power over Egypt — then reinstate Mohammed Morsi as President.

Muslim Brotherhood official Al Baltaghy announced a few days ago from the Al Adawiya podium where supporters are still gathered demanding Morsi’s return, that Friday, Ramadan the 10th, will be the day to take back Egypt — exactly like the attempt made to liberate Sinai from Jewish occupation on this same Ramadan date back in 1973.

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From the same stage, Mohammed Hassan Hamaad, communications director of the Muslim Brotherhood, used the metaphor “second legitimate crossing,” referring to the West-East crossing of the Suez Canal by the Egyptian army on Ramadan decades earlier. Evoking history, Hamaad advocates aggression for success in returning Morsi to office. Al Baltaghy insisted, “We will not accept any kind of negotiation.”

Pathological lies from the Muslim Brotherhood leadership

Avoiding the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood leadership is entirely responsible for Egypt’s deterioration in the past year, which in turn led to their overthrow, Al Baltaghy stated, “Whoever created the mess [overthrow] will suffer the consequences.”

Foreign terrorists in Egypt ready to aid the Muslim Brotherhood

Right now, Egyptian military and police have taken custody of terrorists coming from Libya, Syria and Gaza — members of Hamas and Hezbollah arrested in many cities throughout Egypt, mostly in Cairo. Army personnel and police have confiscated their weaponry — machine guns, RPG anti-tank weapon systems, hand grenades and rockets — and Egyptian military uniforms for infiltration and to allow imposters to commit crimes and blame the army.

These facts are the substance to the statements made by Muslim Brotherhood leaders, showing their intentions are real and imminent.

Voice of the Copts appeals to world leaders

Please support the genuine cry of Egyptian people for democracy and freedom. Do not remain silent and watch Egypt become a bloody civil war like Libya and Syria. Send a strong message to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood that the free world will not tolerate religious supremacy and the violence it brings.

The collective will of Egypt’s outspoken population — free thinkers from all facets of Egyptian society — is the only avenue for Egypt. If 13 million voters chose Sharia by electing Morsi, many more stand in the streets today as proponents of Western freedoms.