I pray that elected representatives, regardless of party affiliation, work together to promote the common good of all Americans. That they will be mindful of needs of the hungry, the homeless and the sick. I pray that needs of 98 percent of Americans not be overlooked for just the other 2 percent of the population. This 2 percent of the population comprises the rich, corporations and special interests – special interests like pro-life groups that seek to influence every politician in America.

I pray that those who would deny a woman the right to choice in America stop. It’s time to abandon a cause that would dictate how any individual woman would live her life. It’s time to stop the bombing of health clinics that offer abortion and the killing of doctors that perform legal abortions. It’s time to recognize that violence and terrorism is not the way.

I pray that the people supporting pro-life think about other social issues and charities to pursue like curing HIV/AIDS. The feeling that one is righteous in a pursuit like saving lives of unborn children does not justify the trampling of all women’s rights, bombing and killing. No God in heaven will excuse these actions. These are abhorrent criminal acts!

Dana L. Stern Sr.

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