Angela Corey, the special prosecutor who found a way to take the George Zimmerman case to trial before seeing her work collapse with a not guilty verdict from the jury, now is taking on another high-profile case that is sure to be the next Trayvon Martin media frenzy.

Michael Dunn is charged with the murder of a black teenager in a gas station parking lot in Jacksonville, Fla. After an argument about loud music, Dunn allegedly fired shots into the car containing four teens after he claims he saw spotted a shotgun.

Jordan Davis, 17, was killed when he was struck allegedly by some of the eight shots that Dunn fired into the SUV.

Police never found the gun that Dunn claims he saw before he opened fire.

According to Dunn and other witnesses, after the shooting, the red Dodge Durango pulled out of the parking lot and stopped. The passenger and driver exited the car, got back in, then pulled back into the gas station parking lot.

Witnesses who called 911 may have given a clue on where the missing gun went.

The man on the phone told the dispatcher he saw two of the young men exit the SUV after the shots rang out.

“I don’t know if they were trying to stash something in the car or look for something or what, but it looked like they got out, kind of brushed themselves off, and then they got back in.”

The surrounding crime scene was not searched until several days after the shooting.

The defense team hopes to find proof of the existence of the missing gun that they believe was stashed outside the car before police arrived and removed before the police searched the scene days later. Surveillance footage has been subpoenaed as well as sales receipts from the day of the shooting to track down other potential witnesses.

Dunn’s attorney, Robin Lemonidis, says the men in the Dodge Durango shouted death threats as a shotgun was brandished.

She says Dunn heard the men shout, “Kill that mother f*****” as a shotgun was pointed out of the back window of the car. That’s when she said he opened fire.

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Critics of Dunn’s actions point out that he left the scene after the shooting and did not contact police.

Dunn’s girlfriend, who was with him at the scene, said she pressured him to return home to find someone to look after their dog. She says she expected them both to be detained by the police and did not want to leave the dog without care.

The trial is set to begin Sept. 23 and is sure to attract the attention of the nation as did the Zimmerman trial.

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