Re: “Did Romney’s faith cost him 2012 election?”

Did Romney fail because he wasn’t a true believer?

Well certainly, he wasn’t a true believer because he never acted like one, by whatever label he presented himself under, including the GOP political PC proletariat pick.

But, he lost because the “former” Christian base hates a Judas more than it hates the enemy, and they stayed home and didn’t vote for either (of the same, in reality).

Hello, GOP! If Christians don’t turn against Christ, did you believe they would vote for a PC political party that does? Duh!

We’re the same old Christian voters, but the GOP is not the same old party. It hasn’t shown us anything different since its last defeat.

The GOP, in July 2013, is still riding the “we must hate Democrats enough by now” horse – not even comprehending the truth that can even set political parties free (again)!

Straighten up, GOP – or get out of the way!

Paul Gordon

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