Whatever happened to that nice, socially conscious “girl” who encouraged us all to “eat a queer fetus for Jesus”? I imagine she was one of the nasty furies invoking their master at the Texas legislature this month when things weren’t going their way for the first time in 40 years.

“Hail Satan” is one of the less inflammatory slogans used by the Church of Euthanasia while working out its vision of salvation for this globe.

And no, it’s not a joke. The Church of Euthanasia, dedicated to death, dementedness and perversity, actually exists.

The “church” is a small, “anti-natalist,” anarchist, collective vaguely related to art under the broad umbrella of Dadaism. In reality it’s the life and rantings of Boston-based graphic artist Chris Korda and friends, gentrified and dignified via their non-profit status. His website claims they are “devoted to restoring balance between humans and the remaining species on Earth,” but they clearly prefer the “remaining species” to humanity.

“Antinatalism” is a coined word that sounds better than abortion or death, not that Korda and associates have any problems with either activity. Their singular commandment is “Thou shalt not procreate.” Four pillars of the Church of Euthanasia, or CofE, are suicide, abortion, sodomy, cannibalism, and its rites and mission statements are just as gruesome.

In keeping with the faux “church” theme, Korda deems himself “Reverend Korda,” although a CofE tenet is extreme animosity to religion. Hating society and values generally wears off with adolescence, but “Reverend” Korda has keep the engines stoked on his campaign to wipe out humanity (voluntarily, of course) since 1992.

Korda and his kindred death-camp worshipers are unyielding in their stands on various forms of human extinction, but extremely flexible … in matters of gender. Korda is a transsexual, appearing male, female or some variation, which presents a problem to writers – what about the pronouns? He/she/it comes to mind, thus covering all the bases. As Korda specifically detests the human race, it’s tempting to honor him with “it” as the only non-human possibility.

In keeping with non-procreation, the CofE promotes any and all variations of sodomy, employing graphics and writing and film. The site is loaded with gay porn exalted as the safe (no procreating) sex act. I am personally profoundly grateful that Korda and other involved in this production are not making others in their image and likeness, thank you.

Dadaism was begun as a reaction against war and other ugly human proclivities almost a century ago. Dadaists rejected sanity, reason, religious beliefs and democracy as deterrents and embraced chaos, intuition and absurdity as a manifestation of the times. They used irrationality turned back on itself in the arts and writing as a means to save mankind or just speed it to a just end, a point the CodE shares.

Contemporary Dadaism is hard to define but falls generally to the left, anti-social, anti-religious and anarchistic side. Details are up for grabs, but experimentation and dissatisfaction informs the movement, which avoids definition and constraints and is always opposed to the forces that be. Dadaism is “everything and nothing” – a big, blank, tabula rasa for personal projections against prevailing social mores. This presupposes any fungible Dadaist is superior to their host society and thereby qualified to function as critic. Obama’s’ original “change” mantra is quintessentially Dada in spirit, as it implies continuous, undefined change and a perpetual urge for renovation as a beneficial agent, no questions asked.

Perversion is a literal art form for the Church of Euthanasiasts, and they have a right to engage in every unnatural act their little minds can conceive within legal constriction. But I have wonder how they convinced the IRS of their educational validity. It’s true Korda and other members are virulent pro-environmentalist, which easily wins one a coveted tax status now. In 1997 they launched a campaign “Unabomber for President” in all apparent seriousness.

Politically the CofE parallels Al Gore as he profits off attempts to personally control the chemical elements themselves (carbon credits – he gets the credit and your cash). Which begs the question: Do any of Gore’s humungous piles of cash trickle down to CofE?

These people have greatly expanded my concept of the depths of the deluded and vile. Combing their statements and website, I hoped to find humor, irony, hope or sanity and found nothing even close. But they’re serious as an Ebola epidemic, which is undoubtedly something they’d like to see more of in the future, as it could wipe out millions.

Chris Korda, sporting common CofE slogan

Korda was just a lad when Britain’s Prince Philip publicly revealed his wish to be reincarnated as a “killer virus” that would halve the world’s popularity, so he certainly has his mentors. I suppose this would increase the wealth and power of the remaining royals, but I wouldn’t leave Prince Phillip with the new baby if I were them.

Nevada Kerr’s “Abortion as a Sacred Rite” ranks with Mein Kampf in the ranks of truly vile literature. Even more so than Hitler’s work, which at least attempts to rationalize his genocidal ravings by blaming Communists or Jews for everything, Kerr unveils the darkest impulses of humanity with no absolutely no apologies, a manifesto of sociopathology, contempt and utter ingratitude for life. If there is an art of evil, then this ranks as a masterpiece.

Shamans, death midwives and other “holy abortionists” perform the “sacred rite” for the better good of the family and the earth, according to Kerr. Abortionists in the form of the “death goddess” are victimized by Christians in a “witch hunt.” Abortionists (crones, Medusa, hag, shrew, Furies) are the “goddess incarnate who has sovereign power over life and death.” This explains the wailing and gnashing of teeth in Texas as the demented, blood-gorged “hags” (their words, not mine) were denied sovereignty over life and death.

Mutilated infants are necessary, but not victims in the world, according to Kerr.

“When she decides her children are fated to die, so be it!” Kerr proclaims. “She mercifully robs them of their breath, and her word is Law!”

That’s what all serial killers say before they cut someone’s throat and rape a baby, I imagine. Will a “sovereign hag” be the next victim? Wonder how they reconcile that with their gross monomania and narcissism. In the past such women would be locked up in an asylum if they survived that long; and although I hate to say it, Kerr makes the Salem witch trials look rather reasonable.

We will fight the “feeble Christian morality,” Kerr vows, and that’s obviously what this movement is all about. Appropriating Christian terminology because they can’t come up with anything interesting or powerful: “sacraments,” “holy” and “sacrifice” illuminate their feeble spirituality of desire and convenience.

French feminist Ginette Paris repaints abortion as turning a “difficult yet necessary event into a holy moment of sacrifice for the greater good.” Hitler did the same thing for the Germans: Get rid of those Jews and everything will be fine. Pol Pot eradicated the bourgeoisie and Mao the educated. Millions sacrificed for the “greater good,” and Amnda Kerr and CofE are still on Genocide Road.

“Praise loudly the victorious destroyer of unwanted and unneeded children!” sings Nevada Kerr, a hymn worth of Mengele himself.

This gained them two non-profit tax exemptions, 501(a) and 501(c)3, while opposition brought pro-lifers harassment and stalling by IRS officials. Choose where you stand: This administration already has – with the utterly demented.

Serious anti-abortion Christian activists may encounter CofE activists who shout obscenities, harass and generally degrade themselves while hoping to terminally shut down pro-lifers. Their open hatred of humanity gives a clue to the forces behind the pro-abortion movement and explains how someone like Gosnell continued practice so long – he has supporters.

Cannibalism is covered in lurid detail in a piece by Bob Arson: “Butchering the Human Carcass for Human Consumption.” Perversely evil in a Hannibal Lecterese manner, Arson blithely give tips as if he were Julia Child. He advises getting a “youthful but mature” person of good size and making certain the “animal” has no food for 48 hours before slaughter. This is presented as a straight-up serious piece.

The average sane reader will look desperately for the salvation of irony or art, hoping these people can’t possibly be serious … but they won’t find it. Arson’s description is more pornographic in a broad sense than anything I have ever encountered. The Internal Revenue Service agrees this information is educationally edifying – could they tell us how it would be used?

It would take more space than I have to point out endless inconsistencies in Korda’s statement and stands, but this is easily glossed over under the banner of Dadaism, which is always helpfully irrational. Korda and his kindred make thousands of judgment calls and values creating an entire creed while attacking religion as useless. He makes no attempt to justify his own, but the real church is his logical and clear nemesis.

Hugo Ball, creator of the Dadaist manifesto, explained, “For us, art is not an end in itself, but is an opportunity for the true perception and criticism of the times we live in.”

Korda and the CofE fall far below the line of contempt they draw for others and make no argument, work of art or performance in any medium that persuasively presents their mission. This is good, because I hate to see the bad guys/girls/objects get any serious, undeserved attention.

Korda has gotten more press attention than he deserves. Ultimately Korda’s own version of “life” is great PR for his mission. It’s hard to imagine anything more degrading, useless and ugly than his forays into the valley of death to set up a philosophical empire there. If Korda realized the fruition of his labors and humanity vanished, he makes a convincing argument that mildew may truly lead a more deserving life than his has been. But unlike fungi, it’s in his power as a human to change this.

Carl Jung’s thoughts on the nascent Dada movement may have been curt but would accurately describe the Church of Euthanasia and its apostles: “It’s too idiotic to be schizophrenic.”

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