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Obama, Holder, Sharpton and Trayvon

What is it about the George Zimmerman not guilty verdict in the Trayvon Martin case that has Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton and the liberal elite in such a tizzy?

It’s now clear from trial evidence and even the admission of Trayvon’s friend Rachel Jeantel that the troubled young black man physically attacked Zimmerman and was administering a severe beating to him when the neighborhood watch captain shot him with a legally registered firearm.

It was an act of self-defense, the jury found in the highly publicized and scrutinized trial.

More to the point, it’s common sense that a man with a gun would use it to defend his life and well-being when his head is being smashed on the ground by an aggressive attacker.

Yes, it’s sad and tragic that a young man died. But it’s worse that the human right of self-defense is now under assault.

Think about that.

That’s what Obama, Holder and Sharpton are up to.

They are waging a war on the fundamental, universal human right of self-defense.

That’s a tragedy of epic proportions – that the highest elected official in America, his chief law enforcement officer and a racial demagogue who profits from spewing hate and hysteria are actively working to overthrow the Second Amendment, stand-your-ground laws and the very right to self-defense.

Why are they doing this?

Several reasons:

Obama and company have already demonstrated their antipathy for the American constitutional principle of armed self-defense. They believe the government should have a monopoly on force. Never mind what this has meant throughout history – that it has resulted in genocide after genocide. They believe in government power. They believe in unlimited government. They believe that if they have enough power and force that they can remake America in their own enlightened self-image.

Because they believe in the above, they also believe that they should strive to meet that objective by any means necessary. One of the despicable and contemptible means they use is to promote a permanent underclass of “victimhood.” Women, sexual deviants and racial and ethnic minorities fill that bill. It’s not that they have compassion for these people, as they pretend. It’s not they really care more deeply about the Trayvon Martin tragedy. It’s that they feel justified in exploiting these people to achieve their “noble” objectives of empowerment.

Exploiting the emotional appeal of the Trayvon Martin case serves one other objective for Obama and company – it deflects attention away from the disaster of their policies and the scandals their actions and philosophies have resulted in. Since the Zimmerman verdict, how much have you heard about their abuse of the Internal Revenue Service to go after political enemies? How much have you heard about their abuse of the law to target reporters involved in national security journalism? How much have you heard about Benghazi? How much have you heard about “Fast and Furious” and their own deadly gun-running scandal?

So Obama’s exploitation of the Trayvon Martin case is actually much more offensive than simply a case of bad judgment.

He knows exactly what he is doing and why. He may not even admit it to himself, because his worldview says the ends justify the means.

Obama, Holder and Sharpton are setting race relations back 60 years. Ironically, 60 years ago, their party was trying to set back race relations another 60 years. The Democratic Party has always been on the wrong side of racial equality – since before the War Between the States. Nothing’s changed – except perhaps the color of the skin of the exploiters.

The real irony of what Obama, Holder and Sharpton are doing today is that they are victimizing their own people, their own race, holding them down from progress, perpetuating dependency on the state, failing to educate the kids, promoting irresponsibility – all in the name of personal empowerment.

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