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Obamacare fiasco should seal fate of amnesty bill

President Obama’s unilateral and unconstitutional postponement of the effective date of the employer mandate in Obamacare should be a wake-up call to even the most naïve Republican member of Congress. Only utter fools will continue to support any amnesty “deal” struck with Charles Schumer and the Obama White House.

The Obamacare delay makes it clear beyond any dispute that Obama and his Cabinet cannot be trusted to keep any bargain or obey any law it finds distasteful or politically inconvenient.

That many Republicans and business leaders believe the delay is a good idea – a welcome step toward permanent delay or repeal – is beside the point: Obama did not have the authority to do it unilaterally, and his motives are purely and transparently political.

If the Jan. 1, 2014, start date for the employer mandate set in statute can be waived unilaterally, who can believe that any implementation schedule or sequence of “triggers” in any amnesty bill will not be similarly altered to suit the political interests of the Obama administration and the Democratic Party’s favored interest groups?

This latest act of lawlessness is not new or exceptional; on the contrary, it is part of a pattern of ignoring Congress and changing the law by edict and administrative rule. In other countries of the world, this is called dictatorship.

In fact, the likelihood of that kind of sabotage of amnesty legislation is higher because it has the “bipartisan” label attached to it by virtue of the votes of 14 Senate Republicans. If Republicans will go along with this imperial edict on legislation they all voted against, why would they oppose it on a bill they cosponsored?

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If the Republican leaders in Congress are not in federal court next Monday challenging the constitutionality of Obama’s unilateral suspension of the employer mandate implementation date, with no congressional authorization for waiving that date, why should anyone expect Republican leader to challenge a future act suspending or delaying politically inconvenient implementation dates in amnesty legislation?

The Obama administration’s addiction to rule by administrative edict adds even greater weight to the only safe and sane approach to immigration reform – border security and interior enforcement first, with amnesty considered – if at all– only after those two changes have been implemented.

There is a double irony – or is it simple hypocrisy? – in the Democrats’ refusal to consider the enforcement-first approach to immigration reform. They say it is a “deal-breaker.” But why is that so?

If Democrats were genuine in their pledge to follow through on border security and such interior enforcement measures as mandatory E-Verify for employers, they would embrace that strategy as a way to virtually guarantee the eventual amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants. Yet, they declare amnesty-first and enforcement-later to be non-negotiable.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that the American public is in a mood to grant some degree of amnesty of large numbers of illegal immigrants if border security and interior enforcement are in place. About 70 percent of Americans are not in a mood to do so with only a promise of future enforcement.

And that deep skepticism is well-founded. Most Americans understand – even if many leaders in Congress do not – that Obama does not implement laws he does not like. Why would amnesty be any different? He already showed by his June 2012 decree announcing “prosecutorial discretion” as a way of implementing the Dream Act, despite Congress’ rejection of that bill in December of 2011, that he does not consider the intent of Congress a constraint on his powers.

Republicans who still support the amnesty-first approach of the Senate amnesty bill will now have a much harder time justifying their willingness to trust Obama on implementation of amnesty legislation. There are both fools and knaves who will do that, but hopefully, their numbers are dwindling.