New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner on the campaign trail.

PALM BEACH, Fla. – When it comes to politics these days, a candidate needs to be of strong, solid character and exhibit endurance through the ins and outs of any campaign.

With that in mind, radio powerhouse Rush Limbaugh is saluting Anthony Weiner, the New York City candidate for mayor who refuses to pull out of the race despite ongoing revelations of his sexting photos of his manhood to young women.

“You know, you have to admire Weiner. The guy just won’t quit,” Limbaugh noted Wednesday. “I think maybe his online name, instead of Carlos Danger, [should be] Carlos Cialis. Or Carlos Viagra. The guy just won’t quit.”

Cialis and Viagra are both products designed to enhance male sexual performance.

“He’s the Less-Than-30-Second Man – that’s on the phone,” Limbaugh continued. “On the phone, he’s Less-Than-30-Second Man, according to the sextpot who did the sexting with Weiner.”

“I’m thinking the guy just doesn’t quit. Carlos Cialis would have been a better name. Carlos Viagra.

“If he keeps this up another 48 hours, I think he ought to go see a doctor.”

Meanwhile, Weiner continues to get smacked by potential voters on the campaign trail, including this incident:

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