Fox News contributor Steven Crowder

Two of conservative politics’ baddest, brashest commentators got into an argument online, and now one is declaring, “Them’s fightin’ words” – and he means it.

Fox News contributor Steven Crowder is a smart-aleck comedian who’s serious about the practice of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. His muscular frame and trophy case in mixed-martial arts suggest not even liberals may want to mess with him.

But when he got into an online argument with WND video commentator Molotov Mitchell, a weapons specialist and trainer in the Israeli defense technique called Krav Maga, the sparks began to fly, and Mitchell declared there’s only one way to settle it: mano a mano.

“Steven Crowder was dissing Krav Maga on a [Facebook] thread, insisting that it’s not a ‘proven’ system like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu,” Mitchell explains. “So I challenged him to test his BJJ against my Krav. I’m supposed to be in [California] soon, so I offered to arrange a private match, where we could settle the debate, definitively. That’s fair, right?”

But then, Mitchell claims, Crowder backed down and chose to laugh off the matter like a comedian, instead of – as Mitchell contends – like a man.

“Steven Crowder has a solid following in conservative circles, so he should have some backbone, right?” Mitchell asks in a response Facebook post that was also posted on Doug Giles’ “Funnybone? Yes. Backbone? Eh, not so much.”

WND commentator Molotov Mitchell

But for Mitchell, this isn’t just a Facebook flame war gone bad; it’s a statement about the need for “manly men like Winston Churchill and Charleston Heston leading today’s conservative movement.”

“I’m tired of conservatives writing checks with their mouth that their a– can’t cash,” Mitchell told WND. “I’m tired of John Boehner saying he’s going to hold Obama’s feet to the fire, but selling out when the rubber hits the road.

“So-called conservative leaders today talk tough at election time, but when action is required, they don’t back up what they promised. They don’t honor their words. They’re not real men,” Mitchell said.

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“For any guys reading this (conservative or otherwise), here’s the moral of the story: Be a man,” Mitchell continues. “America has a ridiculous surplus of comedians and smooth talkers, but where are the men? Who’s willing to fight when someone challenges you? Who’s bold? If you’re a man and you’re willing to fight, then, brother, I am with you.

“And hey, if you ever talk yourself into a corner and realize that maybe you’re in over your head, maybe you realize that you weren’t as tough as you initially thought you were, it’s not the end of the world. Just apologize!” Mitchell continues. “Because apologies are manly, too. It takes a real man to admit when he’s wrong. But whatever you do, don’t giggle and joke your way out of it like some frilly little debutante. Man up!”

To his credit, Crowder did win the North American Grappling Association’s world championship tournament in the beginner heavyweight class.

And he did declare on national television a challenge to fight a union member who took a swing at him during a political protest:

Though Mitchell has criticized Crowder for not putting his Jiu-Jitsu into practice at the protest itself, he’s also quick to say he holds no ill-will toward the Fox News contributor.

“Just to be clear,” Molotov concludes, “I’m not against Steven Crowder, not at all! I support a lot of what he says. He’s very funny, and his hair is immaculate. I just wish he wasn’t such a wimp.”

So is Mitchell still willing to fight Crowder if the latter changes his mind?

“Oh, totally,” Mitchell told WND.

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