Re: “Video shock: Cop ‘power trips’ on innocent man”

I don’t know what the law is in Tennessee, but I would have arrested Chris Kalbaugh on two charges if he failed to comply, and that is “Fail to obey a traffic officer in the performance of his duties” or “Interfering with an officer in the performance of his duties.” Either charge would be a valid charge.

The driver was just trying to be a smart a–. Any city, county, or state officer in Texas would have yanked him out of the car and placed him in the rear of a police car for at least one of the two charges. An officer doesn’t have the time or the patience to put up with a smart aleck like that when they are trying to do a job of public safety. Also, his car would have been towed and he probably would have went to jail.

We don’t put up with that [stuff] in Texas. Arrests can be made on any charge except speeding, in which he must be issued a citation to appear in court if he volunteers to sign the ticket. If not, he can go to jail on that, too, if the officer thinks he may not appear in court. If he posts bond, he will be released until a court date.

This kind of reporting serves no purpose except to inflame the public for no reason. Shame on you!

Lt. Joe S. Price, Retired Master Texas Peace Officer

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