The Prophecy Summit scheduled Friday through Sunday in Colorado Springs by Prophecy in the News has been sold out for weeks, but an option has been created to allow the hundreds who tried – unsuccessfully – to obtain tickets to watch the events by live streaming online.

Officials said the second annual event was sold out quickly as the Marriott Hotel auditorium only holds about 1,100 people for conferences.

But those who want to hear the likes of Jonathan Cahn, L.A. Marzulli, Dr. Stan Monteith, WND Founder and CEO Joseph Farah, Chuck Missler, Mark Biltz, Bob Cornuke and many others explain what is happening in the world, and what is expected to happen, now have a chance to participate.

Prophecy in the News has posted online a signup for those who want to join via live streaming.

“It’s the next best thing to being there in person and whole lot more cost effective,” sponsors said.

The three-day conference will include subjects that have happened in the past. Marzulli is discussing being on the “Trail of the Nephilim,” those beings mentioned in the Bible that are not quite explained.

Other speakers will cover what’s going on now, with Farah’s perspective from his post as the chief editor of the largest independent online news site, and Cahn, whose “The Harbinger” book, the inspiration behind “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,” are the bestselling Christian book of 2012 and the bestselling faith movie of the year.

They explain the links that suggest God may be judging America in a limited way, as He did Israel as recorded in Isaiah. That nation in history failed to turn back to God despite the limited judgments and eventually was broken up. Cahn’s book, and the DVD documentary that is based on the book, suggest America should beware for the choices it is making now.

And Gary Stearman of Prophecy in the News will be talking about the rapture.

Other speakers will include Cris Putnam about the “End Time Delusion,” Douglas Hamp on the “Third Temple,” S. Douglas Woodward on the final Babylon, Ken Johnson on the ancient book of Enoch, Monteith on the “Secret Agenda,” Paul McGuire on “The Secret Plan for America,” Russ Dizdar on “Inside the Enemy’s Camp,” Biltz on “Blood Moons,” Moller on the Mountain of God, Bill Salus on the future of Israel, Samuel Hoyt on judgment, Bob Cornuke on an investigator’s perspective, Barrie Schworz on the Shroud of Turin, Bill Koenig on the White House role and David Olander on the rapture.

For live-streaming participants, officials say the fee includes access to the conference messages from the world of Bible prophecy, science and archaeology over a 30-day window.

Stearman says just the daily headlines are alarming, with controversial power shifts in the Middle East, prophetic events unfolding and even geophysical alarms, such as a recent surge of earthquakes.

Stearman, whose heritage includes the famous Lloyd Stearman who developed the Stearman Model 75 airplane used during World War II, explains that he found the family business unfulfilling and it was on a vacation in Colorado that he heard a radio pastor, J. Vernon McGee, and was spellbound by the concept of Christ, the Messiah, and the fact Jesus fulfilled prophecies from 1,500 years earlier.

“I came home from that vacation determined to dig out and dust off my old, childhood Gideon Bible. (Believe it or not, when I was a boy, the Gideons used to pass these out in public school.) Possessed by the desire to understand Scripture, I studied for days, and eagerly continued to listen to Dr. McGee. Shortly thereafter, I knelt in my study and prayed to receive Christ. By His Spirit, He graciously came to me at last revealing the God whom I had always known was there, but never thought could care about me.”

He continued, “From that day to this (for the last 40 years), I have studied the Word…”

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