Michael Bloomberg spoke at Ramadan, “We are all Muslims.” Nice words. What do they mean? That he was a co-conspirator in London, Madrid, Bali or New York on 9-11? That he honor killed his daughter for allowing herself to be raped? That he killed his gay neighbor for being homosexual? That he executed an atheist friend for apostasy? That he stoned his girlfriend for flirting with her tennis instructor?

Gee, Bloomberg, you sure picked a good religion with which to identify. Did you forget that you are a Jew? Required reading in the Middle East is “The Protocol of Elders” and “Mein Kampf.” How many Arabs were members of the Nazi Party? Are you too near-sighted to see when people hate you? Are you so short that it just goes over your head?

In America the liberals get upset if a woman earns 10 cents less an hour than a man or if a man harasses a woman by flirting with her. Yet American progressives don’t care if a Saudi murders his wife for disrespect. Progressives are territorial. They don’t realize that there is a larger world than America and that they bear some responsibility for criticizing it. They pretend that they are multicultural, but they don’t go beyond their borders.

Right. You’re a Muslim, Bloomberg. You are actually so different from them that you can’t even conceive of hurting anyone. You are so nonviolent that you forgive the Muslims for being violent. You are what they are not – peace loving and self-hating.

You softly and femininely support the Ground Zero victory mosque. And you say, “Anything less would compromise our commitment to fighting terror with freedom.” What exactly do you mean by “fighting terror with freedom?” Terror doesn’t come waving a white flag. Terror must be combated with terror, violence with violence.

After the debris from the terror is picked up, we can proceed to freedom. Freedom is not a fighting tool. It is the result of having fought. While our legs are flying around the Boston Marathon, it is difficult to keep pace with freedom. You can’t run if you can’t walk, and you can’t bandy around words like freedom if you don’t plan to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve it.

David Lawrence

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