“In 1962, President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order 10988, which permitted collective bargaining by federal employees. Widely seen as a gift to George Meany, the AFL-CIO head who helped Kennedy win the White House, the executive order was also a gift to government unions, both because it widened federal membership and because it signaled national approval of unions for state and local employees.” (“How Government Unions Became So Powerful”)

Today the Internal Revenue Service has over 200 salaried (paid by the taxpayers) full-time union representatives. How many do you think other branches of the federal government have? How about state governments? Local governments?

Get that. Because of an election payoff by a closet Nazi, Americans who are not part of the party and object to doing the government goose-step are systematically denied a voice in their political future – by those on the government’s payroll. Even their health care and end-of-life decisions are to be made by unionized “government servants.”

But whom do they serve? Here’s the government most of us never see. Presidential fuehrers have simply done as they please, usurping the legislative branch of government by issuing orders to an ever-increasing government bureaucracy and demanding a two-thirds majority of Congress to rescind their actions.

The unions have been the missing piece of the puzzle. There was never any congressional debate about whether unions running America was a good idea for its citizens. It was simply a presidential payback order from Camelot’s fuehrer. Is it any wonder the media worshiped JFK?

Ever wonder why there have been no federal government budgets during the past few years? Perhaps the government did not want citizens to know what they were spending all that money on. Perhaps the vast espionage network established by the National Security Agency to monitor the loyalty of Americans to the party was nearing completion – and they just wanted to push it through to completion. So they operated with continuing resolutions (more of the same spending, but we can’t tell you on what, because there is no budget).

Oh yeah. America is a democracy, all right. One only has to look at the crowds that turned out for Romney, and the empty campaign chairs for Obama, then see who remains in power, to rate our “democratic” credentials.

The military coup in Egypt pales in comparison to the union coup in America. But the House of Representatives can stop this continuing coup tomorrow, all by themselves. They don’t need Dirty Harry Reid or the Senate. Just shut off the money. All of it. If need be, let grandma go to one of the leftist charitable trusts to pay her rent while the House sorts it all out.

Just remember: After the 2014 mid-term election, that chance to restore American democracy will be gone forever. Just look for the union label.



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