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The near-lynching of George Zimmerman

It was one of the most extraordinary trials in American history – not so much for what happened in the courtroom (though there were more than a few unusual developments there, too), but for what happened outside the courtroom that enabled the near racial lynching of a Hispanic victim of a crime who merely defended himself.

Let’s recount the political and media circus that led to the trial and, ultimately, the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the death of Trayvon Martin:

Back to the media frenzy to railroad Zimmerman:

Despite all this collusion to heighten racial tensions and frame an innocent man, Zimmerman was still acquitted.

But the racial hucksters had a backup plan for that eventuality, too.

There would need to be the credible threat of racial riots if Zimmerman got off. As of this writing, there are numerous news stories about communities bracing for the violence.

Is this what the criminal justice system in America has become? Is it just another stage for political agitation? And how does one get his life back from an ordeal like this?

What do you think will happen to George Zimmerman now?

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