We are not now a racist people! Unfortunately, we have racist leaders and race fascists (nastiest word I could think of) who make a living ruining lives – black and white. They mock the meat they feed on – America, a country that has done more for blacks, all minorities in fact, than any other. Our leadership is without class and shamelessly uses the bodies of dead children, such as Newtown and Trayvon Martin, to exploit their causes and distract from their endless scandals – any one of which with a Watergate media would have run them out of town. They dishonor the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

Our president has said he could have been Trayvon 35 years ago. Would he sucker punch a stranger and pound on a downed helpless man? The only similarity between Mr. Obama 35 years ago and Trayvon is that both were druggies. The real tragedy is that Mr. Obama has done nothing to help black Americans – but he needs their votes and shamelessly panders for those votes.

Our chief law enforcement officer, Eric Holder, called Americans cowards on race. The real cowards are people like him who don’t have the guts to face the real problems with the black community in America – education, poverty, fatherless children, crime, children having children, quotas, handouts and the incredible violence in places like Mr. Obama’s hometown, Chicago.

It is astonishing that Obama and Holder, supposedly “brilliant lawyers,” could find race in the Martin/ George Zimmerman case when no one else did! The only racist comment, “creepy a– cracka,” came from Trayvon. Equally not brilliant is that they would attack Stand Your Ground laws, which also had nothing to do with the case but everything to do with gun control. These people have no shame.

Beyond legal ignorance, what is truly intolerable was to imply that the women on that jury were less than competent or themselves racists. Where are the feminists? Talk about a war on women. Absent the race fascists, this trial would never have happened. The politicians who brought it to trial are cowards but not the women on that jury who refused to be cowered. They are true American heroes, and every feminist in the country as well as all women should sing their praises forevermore. Would that we had this jury for O.J. and Casey Anthony.

We have been racists, black and white, and a few remain in all races. I grew up among minorities in a community where racism was unheard of. I have been to dances where I was the only white. Then I joined the military and went to the South where I was shocked by open, blatant racism. Every black American was a n–-ers. The Ku Klux Klan was praised on TV. In flight school black Americans were washed out because they “could never learn to fly.” When my wife got off a train and joined me her first words were: you won’t believe this, separate colored drinking fountains, restrooms, etc. I could not contain myself and attacked my fellow racist officers. Their standard response was: would you let your daughter marry one? I am proud to say my daughters dated black and Asian Americans, and one daughter went to China and adopted a Chinese girl to help keep her from the Communists’ feminine genocide. My son married a Hispanic (by the way, where are the Hispanics defending George?). I would be proud to have a black son-in-law.

Americans don’t dislike people for who they are, they dislike them for what they do. Racism, thanks to the Kings of America, is essentially over in society and the military. It is flamed only by the race fascists. There are no more n–-ers or wops or spicks or kikes or micks. What does n–-er mean anyhow? It is used mostly by black Americans today, and I doubt they could define it. The PC fascists (love the word) have given us the N-word and excoriate those (Paula Dean) who spit it out. Do they believe there are still n–-ers in America? Political correctness is a source of much dishonesty in America, especially on racial issues, and makes cowards of us all.

I have been loved by black Americans. No one who has ever been loved by a black could be racist. It is time to focus on how much love there is in America for blacks, indeed for all minorities, and to promote black love of whites. We have spent trillions to help our black brethren.

If Trayvon is where we pray he is, I am sure he is disgusted at being exploited by the likes of Holder and Obama. One can only hope that the interminable “new dialogue” called for by the these people will backfire, that we will stop giving any American an excuse to fail and instead address the facts of black American problems, that they will be loosened from the shackles of the Sharptons and Jacksons and become be all they can be. I have seen blacks be all they can be during my time in the Army where the real leadership, noncommissioned officers, was disproportionately black. America needs new black leadership.

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