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The racial lawsuit America needs

“We are organizing racial minorities for change.”

Those are the words of the Communist Party USA.

We know the playbook: Racial minority is harmed. White man is blamed. Democrat politicians, race-baiting hucksters and leftist media hit the airwaves, launch the protest and scream for their version of justice. They decry the racist society, and they create a list of usually vague, immeasurable demands.

The race-baiting statists’ latest is to scream for the defeat of “Stand your ground” laws, which save more black people than white, by far. Their hypocrisy is that they blame a mythical image of some white slave owner who doesn’t exist, while they support the eugenic holocaust of dead black babies and an entitlement system that keeps people on virtual plantations. They are immediately discredited by their actions, which speak much louder than the deceptive words used to control those they deem “useful idiots.”

And then there is the unspeakable.

If you do a search for black-on-white crime, you might read about two sisters raped and thrown to their deaths off a bridge by a group of black teens, or the young black people who shot a woman in a robbery attempt and then out of pure random contempt shot her baby in the face, killing him instantly as the mother pleaded for his life. Rape and murder is horrific enough and all too common, but what could possibly stir such evil hatred to shoot a helpless baby? Could it be the New Black Panther leader delivering a message to blacks: “If you want freedom, you’re gonna have to kill some crackas. You’re gonna have to kill some of their babies.” Was baby Antonio West killed because these boys were responding to the call to action?

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Why is no one pointing fingers at the inciters of the rage that causes such heinous crimes?

Al Sharpton knows that if he launches a 100-city tour that he can kick the direct mail campaign and email solicitations into overdrive. He can get funding from American corporations paying protection money. He probably also gets funding from George Soros and other hard left groups that want to see Al Sharpton whip up a frenzy.

They laugh all the way to the bank, while they dance on the grave of Trayvon Martin, the prison of George Zimmerman and others who have been and will be killed by their brazen greed.

It is objectively demonstrable that there is no crime in the Zimmerman case. Zimmerman was acquitted, and even the president himself at first stated, “We are a nation of laws, and a jury has spoken.”

Trayvon Martin’s friend, Rachel Jeantel, testified that Trayvon complained that he was being followed by a “creepy a– cracka.” The origin of cracker is not a reference to saltines, but a reference to a task master, an oppressor cracking a whip.

The evidence and jury acquittal suggest that George Zimmerman was truthful when he says that Trayvon attacked him and he only used the gun in self-defense. It was actually a prosecution witness who testified that Zimmerman was excited to hear there might be video of the events. A liar would not be excited to see video emerge. Clearly, Martin initiated the actual physical attack on Zimmerman and probably did so because of rage he felt for the “creepy a–” oppressor who was eyeballing him.

The real tragedy of the Martin-Zimmerman affair is that Trayvon is not so much a victim of Zimmerman’s bullet, but a victim of his own rage based on his troubled 17 years. As he prepared to lash out against a “cracka,” he figured his mixed martial arts experience would allow him to vent some rage. As fate would have it, Zimmerman brought a gun to the MMA fight.

We should contemplate the rage because the death of Martin is the end result of a disease.  Studying the roots of the events leading up to the fight can give us guidance going forward.

The Obama administration has made George Zimmerman a national pariah, even establishing the “Get Zimmerman” tip line, seeking tips that might provide a shred of evidence that he might have been improperly motivated by race. Common law provides a clear right to self-defense, but Attorney General Holder is desperately seeking to apply some other statutory law within the tangled framework of civil rights and hate crimes laws to prosecute Zimmerman to the fullest. When his life has been laid out for the world to see, and he has been found innocent, why is more examination of Zimmerman needed?

Perhaps we should apply similar scrutiny to Trayvon Martin and see whether there was a shred of racism that could have caused him to start the fight. We know the truth is that he started it. What might such an examination show? Again, looking just at Trayvon is not as important as looking at the countless case studies of young black people and even adults acting out in rage. We could start with the riots after the Zimmerman verdict and go back to the O.J. verdict or the Rodney King verdict. In every case, the Revs. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Lewis Farrakhan and a host of leftist politicians were in front of the cameras telling blacks that the white establishment is racist and there can be no justice until blacks get more power.

If Alfred Sharpton, who took the title of reverend at the age of nine, had taken the time to get a divinity degree, he would know how the Bible teaches Christians to communicate.  Maybe he would have come across Colossians 3:8, which commands the Christian to “put off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth.” Jackson apparently missed it, too (along with the boat load of other similar verses), preferring instead to preach blame, jealousy, resentment, hate and even revenge under the excuse of “social justice.” At least Farrakhan can say he is staying true to the religious text from which he preaches.

Here we are, with a black president re-elected, and the playbook has not changed. The Martin-Zimmerman trial does not begin to fit the narrative. The zeal with which the left media and politicians are trying to give legs to this nonstory, one would think that Zimmerman was the Grand Dragon of the KKK who dragged Trayvon to his death behind his pickup truck, confessed and was acquitted. There is absolutely zero proportionality. Yet the “haters are hatin.'”

This is the playbook of the real killer of Trayvon, of baby Antonio West, of the Kelly sisters. These agitators perpetuate the narrative of rampant white racism and injustice, work daily to plant the seeds and feed the roots of hatred to organize the races for change.  As all hard leftists have shown in history, collateral damage is not only acceptable, but necessary. As talk-show host Dennis Prager put it, the left loves humanity but hates humans. These people do not love Trayvon or his family. They find the story convenient fuel for the engine of their hate. It is low-grade fuel, but they have plenty of additives to make it work.

True justice would have Sybrina Fulton, George Zimmerman and the mother of baby Antonio doing full forensic background checks into Trayvon and the other attackers to see what drove them to lash out.

When they find that hatred of “white cracka” oppressors drove the assailants to temporary insanity, then we could make a case for real justice, a class-action lawsuit against the real spreaders of hate, carnage and death: the leftist race-baiters. While we are at it, we should enjoin their complicit friends in the media. That is the lawsuit America needs.