Joseph: As a GOP precinct delegate, I am ready to switch to a third party if the House votes in the immigration (amnesty) bill.

As much as I want to believe in your Red Ink campaign; it will not sway the House nor the Senate. The only way to save our nation is by TODAY starting up a credible third party and giving the GOP an ultimatum: “Let us join together in conservatism” or the GOP will be dead in 2014. And, if they disagree, eventually, the third party will gain momentum and replace the GOP in total.

There is no way the GOP will retain its base if it goes forward with the immigration bill. Any bill out of the House will go to conference and out will come amnesty – because the GOP is spineless and will not hold its ground against the Senate. Amnesty merely gets the Democrats more votes – not us!

As far as refusing to raise the debt ceiling, that is a non-starter! They will ALWAYS raise the debt ceiling.

The only way they will listen is if they lose their base, and the only way to get it back is by a “coalition” of the tea party and GOP with agreed upon planks in the platform! No sense awaiting 2015. At that point, just stick a fork in us. The time is now.

I would call it: The “LiberTea” Party of America (not unique, I know.)


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