Michael Savage

Since his show airs later than those of his talk radio colleagues, Dr. Savage was one of the last to comment on the “not guilty” verdict in the George Zimmerman trial.

On Monday night, he said, “Normally I enjoy having the last word in talk radio, but how many times do can you listen to the same thing? I never want to hear the word ‘Zimmerman’ again.”

Later in the week, Savage warned listeners about the growing divisions in the United States being fuelled by radical leftists and race baiters – and the alarming path that has taken another country down before: “In Germany during the Weimar Republic when the country was seething in degeneracy and its economy was floundering after the reparations of World War I, the communists wore masks and beat up people on the streets.

“Then the Nazi movement was formed,” he continued. “Hitler came along after the communist movement, not in reaction to it. And we know where that led.

“I’m trying to warn America not to repeat what happened in Germany,” he concluded.

Rush Limbaugh

If Zimmerman trial witness Rachel Jeantel is now America’s “authority on race, God help us,” said Rush Limbaugh this week.

Rush mocked CNN’s Piers Morgan for treating the famously inarticulate teenager as a renowned expert on race relations and, apparently, American slang and linguistics (FREE audio): “This was between 9 and 10 p.m. last night on CNN, who are in a quest to become the, again, most respected news organization in the country, perhaps even the world.

“She is the authority. She was on CNN last night. She was presented as the authority” on the alleged acceptability of using one “n-word” over another, Rush noted.

Aaron Klein

Has your favorite talk radio host actually read the immigration bill? Aaron Klein has. This week, he continued his series explaining just what the bill says and how it will impact average American citizens and businesses large and small (FREE audio).

Klein notes that the bill will push illegal immigrants to the “front of the line” – and even help bring Taliban members to settle in the United States.

Klein has also been the only broadcaster following the story of the foreign company that provides America’s vote counting machines and how this may affect next year’s midterms. He also continues his investigation into the Benghazi terror attacks, and welcomed Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., as a guest to talk about whether or not Hillary Clinton lied under oath.

Mark Levin

After the “not guilty” verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman, Levin floated his theory that race hustlers Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson adopted this case as their new cause because they “thought [Zimmerman] was a Jewish guy” (FREE audio).

Levin explained: “Because he looks white or olive-skinned and his name is Zimmerman. And there’s a lot of people who make the mistake that that name is ipso facto Jewish. I think they thought he was a white Jewish guy. I think that’s why they went down to Florida. I’ve got a lot of reason to believe this, given their background, their conduct and their statements. As all New Yorkers know full well.”

Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham wasn’t impressed with Rachel Jeantel’s performance on CNN.

On Twitter Ingraham wrote, “Calling someone ‘authentic’ or ‘fascinating’ when he/she speaks ignorantly & uses foul language is abhorrent. #exploitation #whiteguilt”

The next morning, on her radio show, she expanded on her thoughts.

“Stop indulging people who can’t communicate and calling them authentic when in fact they’re just ignorant,” Ingraham said to her audience. “That’s the problem. We have white guilt going on out there.”

Laura’s guest, economist and author Dr. Thomas Sowell, joined her in condemning the Trayvon Martin courtroom circus.

“The way this thing was handled, particularly the way the media has behaved and the way political figures have behaved … if that continues this will not be the same America 10 or 20 years from now,” Sowell warned. “Juries will be forced to question whether
they are there to render the judgment according to the facts or public opinion” (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

Musician Lupe Fiasco once called Glenn Beck a “racist,” but apparently Beck isn’t harboring any resentment towards him.

The proof? Beck favorably retweeted Fiasco’s post-verdict tweets about the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial, in which the rapper called upon those upset by the decision to be calm and rational.

Fiasco joked back, via Twitter, that surely such a meeting of the minds was “a sign of the end times.”

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