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Uh-oh! Different verdicts from top hosts on air

Michael Savage

For the second time, Michael Savage takes the No. 1 spot in the Talk Stream Live rankings, based on his number of online listeners, with Rush Limbaugh winding up in second place.

This week, Dr. Savage likely shocked many of those listeners when he declared that George Zimmerman should be found guilty as charged (FREE audio).

Savage pointed out that Zimmerman’s gun had the safety off and a bullet chambered, leading him to believe that the “neighborhood watchman” had gone out looking for a violent confrontation.

About Zimmerman’s victim, Trayvon Martin, Savage said, “We know he was a kid in trouble. That doesn’t mean he should be killed. … We don’t know what he might have become. He just had a right to live.”

Rush Limbaugh

Did Fox News try to silence Rush Limbaugh?

The veteran talk radio hosts says they did, complaining that they tried to steer him away from discussing the future of the Republican Party when he called in to “Fox & Friends” this week.

Back on his own show, Limbaugh declared that the prosecution for the George Zimmerman trial “doesn’t have a case” (FREE audio).

“The media is even signaling they know this,” Rush noted, “by asking for lesser charges now to get a conviction. … So you’ve got a six-woman jury. Five of ’em are white, one of them is a ‘white Hispanic.’ She’s the second ‘white Hispanic’ in the country, Zimmerman being the first.”

Aaron Klein

Unlike many other broadcasters, Aaron Klein has actually read the new immigration bill. He’s found plenty of loopholes that will grant permanent status to illegals before the border is secured.

Klein also reveals the role former Egyptian president Morsi may have played in the Benghazi terror attack and tries to answer the burning question: Where is NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden?

Finally, Klein talks to a former Soviet spymaster who exposes the how the USSR’s disinformation campaigns fueled worldwide jihad (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

Never one to mince words, Mark Levin lashed out at the Wall Street Journal, calling their editorial page writers “corporatist” “a-holes.” Find out why (FREE audio).

Levin also declared that President Obama is demonstrating far too much “sympathy for the Muslim Brotherhood” in Egypt (FREE audio).

Obama has “surrounded himself with radical nut-jobs his entire life,” said Levin. “Franklin Davis, the commie nut-job in Hawaii, [Bill] Ayers, the commie nut-job in Chicago, [Jeremiah] Wright, the commie or whatever he is nut-job in Chicago and the Muslim Brotherhood. What’s the difference? So that’s what’s going there.”

Glenn Beck

Beck and his crew had plenty of laughs at the State Department’s expense, when it emerged that it had paid more than $600,000 to a social media consultancy to increase the number of “likes” the department received on Facebook (FREE audio).

“I don’t like the State Department in any sense of the word ‘like,'” said Beck. “I don’t like it on Facebook, I don’t like it with ham, I don’t like it, Sam I am.”