Should I buy the book, “Disinformation,” or just continue to read Phil Elmore’s commentary about vaccines? [“Anti-vaccine Jenny comes to ‘The View'”]

Certain “truths” about vaccines I credit WND (which led to my researching this more) for revealing to me in the past are as follows:

  • MRC5 (DNA from aborted “human” fetal lung tissue) is contained in MMR & polio vaccines.
  • There has been a dramatic rise in the number of autism cases that began when MRC5 was introduced.
  • The smallpox vaccine that every war fighter (the troops that defend our nation) is required to have is laced with aborted “human” fetal tissue.
  • Thimerosal and other neurotoxin/excitotoxins are contained in the vaccines administered to the public.

Until we can eliminate the ethical crimes listed above, I applaud anyone who chooses not to have their children vaccinated. I pray for these individuals because in their effort to prevent their children from the dangers of vaccines, they are likely to suffer severe consequences from Social Services or other government organizations.

Tyranny via government coercion cannot exist unless there is an absence of freedom. That’s what Thomas Paine was basically saying, and that’s what the American Revolution for Independence was all about. We are Sovereign Individuals with a God-given right to do as we please as long as it does not interfere with the rights of other individuals.

I get the argument that not getting vaccinated may place others at risk. I’m just not buying it. Here’s my question: How many are there among us who desire to refuse vaccines for their children, but end up having their children vaccinated because they feel that they are under duress?

Ray Makuch

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