Dear Mr. Farah,

I have tremendous respect for you and the excellent work you do at WND.

As a life-long (and very frustrated) Republican and activist here in southeast Iowa, I was very excited when I read the title of your column – “Greatest political opportunity of a lifetime.” After answering the opening questions with four BIG “YESes!” I eagerly read on.

However, I was severely disappointed because you offered nothing new.

You’re right in everything you say, but we already know this – at least those of us who read WND! We know the Republican Party is the answer and the problem. But, how do we get Speaker Boehner to lead like a conservative when he isn’t one and thus is incapable of doing so?

Give us a serious PLAN OF ACTION! Other than writing, calling and sending information to all our friends, what can we do?

Yes, we need to get rid of the RINOs and elect true conservatives who will fight for freedom once elected, but how do we educate the under-informed and those who just don’t care? Several generations have been dumbed down into little government-bots by our public school system, and Obama and gang are trampling our Constitution, the Rule of Law and the free market. They control all the seats of power and could care less what you or I think. Yes, the House could, and should, cut off the spending, but I’m convinced it just won’t happen.

This president is a Marxist dictator and is destroying everything that makes this country great. We are no longer free.

Sorry to say, you offered nothing I didn’t already know and aren’t already doing. I expected much better!

Karen Hempen

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