Do cultural differences matter?

Consider: The exhibition soccer match two weeks ago in Las Vegas between Mexican rivals Chivas and Club America hadn’t even begun when fans swarmed the parking lot and the crowd erupted into massive brawl of rock and can throwing and bloody fighting.

Despite police presence, fighting continued through halftime and after the game, involving players and fans.

One was quoted in the Las Vegas Sun as saying the rivalry is “deadly,” and “We don’t like each other.”

Could’ve fooled me.

The first week of July saw some of the same and more in Brazil. Another soccer game, this time a player disagreed with the referee and was expelled from the game but not before the ref stabbed him.

The player died. That’s when the fans took over, swarmed the ref, stoned him, cut his head off, put it on a stake and cut his body apart.

At that point, nobody much cared who won the game.

Not to say that such violence is typical, but in a sense it is. Soccer games are notoriously violent, and it’s an example of what we face as we enable foreigners to become legal before they’ve become American.

We were once a “melting pot” – people came here and adopted the American culture.  They kept their familial, cultural and language traditions in their homes, but they became American, blended into our ways and spoke our language.

Most of that is gone today, and it’s exacerbated by the influx of millions and millions of illegals who’ve crossed our borders with impunity.

What was a “melting pot” of people wanting to become American has devolved into “diversity” – people who keep their own culture and demand Americans kow-tow to their wants and needs.

With the progressive teachings in our schools that all cultures are equal, it’s become anathema for Americans to object to the demands of foreigners, legal or not.

Bilingual education? Yes! Translators? Yes! Ballots, driver’s tests and other documents in many languages? Yes!

Celebrate foreign holidays and fly foreign flags? Yes!

There are whole sections of many cities that exist totally as though in a foreign country.

It will only get worse, becoming more and more difficult for Americans to speak the same language and understand common issues with a united background, having a basic understanding of the foundations of our country and what makes us the emblem of freedom for the world.

In the midst of all this, members of Congress and the media are going though contortions to gain support from the American people that it’s perfectly OK, and the right thing to do, to reward lawbreakers with the biggest prize of all: America citizenship.

What a deal! Literally break into the country by ignoring the border, disregard all U.S. laws controlling immigration and insinuate yourselves into towns and cities across the country.

Then, take advantage of the largesse of American taxpayers by getting and using food stamps, housing assistance, free education, medical care, twisting the legal system to your own advantage, getting driver’s licenses, free tuition, using stolen or fake Social Security numbers, working illegally, not paying taxes and, in many locales, voting.

Imagine – all that, while being here illegally.

For illiterate people just looking for a better life and the opportunity to do the jobs we’re continually told white Americans won’t do, they’re pretty clever at getting all the freebies.

They may not speak English, and perhaps can’t read or write in their own, but they’re not stupid.

We are.

An immigration bill is being cooked up by politicians who are more than willing to sacrifice the country for their own political futures or for their totalitarian dreams.

It makes no difference whether that mentality comes from the guy in the Oval Office or from the Senate or the House – the result is the same – the end of the USA as we’ve known it.

Former President George W. Bush is speechifying about the benefits of immigration reform – which, in his lingo, means forgive and legalize.

Marco Rubio has a pleasant face and has mastered the sincere look needed to convince voters he is right on whatever he espouses. He’s pushing the legalization ploy by playing on American sympathies.

The theme is that we have so much, we owe it to the poor to open our borders to them.

If that isn’t what Rubio and the others believe, they’d seal the border first, to stop the daily invasions and then deal with  illegals who are here.

We’re told we can’t deport them. Why not?

If we cut off the jobs, food, houses and all the rest, they’ll have to go home – which is where they belong.

We’re told they number 11-plus million.

That’s a laugh. With millions crossing annually, why doesn’t that number ever increase?

We assume they’re all Mexican. Most are, but we ignore that even the U.N. warns that organized drug cartels and gangs from Africa and Asia, as well as Islamic terrorists, are moving across our borders.

We ignore that the violent Zetas gang is recruiting in every U.S. state.

I doubt they’re interested in picking lettuce.

Culture differences? A Mexican man, legally in the U.S., was kidnapped by the Mexican Gulf cartel, taken into Mexico, beaten and tortured, wrapped in plastic and killed.

Then they realized he was the wrong man; he was innocent.

Did you know border officials report a huge increase in illegals from India being smuggled into this country?

Who knows how many?

Yet border agents tell me the feds demand illegal arrests be reduced.

If we do what Rubio, McCain, Reid, Obama and the rest of the panderers want, all the illegals will soon be “just one of us.”

Cultural differences?

Hi neighbor.

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