Sen. Marco Rubio’s support for the “Democrats'” immigration amnesty bill once again raises questions about what the Republican Party is for. Trouble is, RINOs like Rubio are no longer a rare species.

To see the trouble the GOP has gotten itself into by letting the RINO tail wag the dog, ask yourself this: How many DINOs still stalk the Earth? There are precious few true blue-dog “Democrats” on the far left’s center-right. But just look at all those red-rabbit RINOs on the center-right’s far left.

The RINO rabbits have made it impossible for the GOP to be an effective opposition to the “Democrats.” Most of the major policies espoused by Black Jesus and his Apostles, and faithfully voted for by just about all “Democrats” in both Houses of Congress, are indistinguishable from communism.

Obama has bankrupted America. His interventions in Benghazi, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and Syria have been inept at best, illegal at worst.

Obamacare will import all the worst features of the communist country in miniature that is Britain’s now terminally collapsing National Health Service, where treatment is rationed by death.

His climate change policies, and the slew of lavishly taxpayer-funded renewable-boondoggle bankruptcies, are mad.

His anti-Christian attitudes, enthusiastically endorsed by the Supreme Kangaroo Court, spit upon the memory of the men of religion who founded your nation and intended that Congress should pass no law circumscribing religious freedom.

And his birth certificate is bogus. He is not entitled even to hold the office of president.

Under the circumstances, the Republicans should be miles ahead. He should never have won a second term. But, with the RINOs around its neck, the GOP is no longer functioning as an effective political machine.

Here’s the rap-sheet.

Not once but twice, the GOP unerringly selected as its choice for the presidency the candidate least likely to beat Black Jesus. Neither McCain (too old and flip-floppy) nor Romney (too slick and flop-flippy) ever came remotely close to looking presidential.

Any halfway decent candidate could and should and would have beaten Obama first time around. Even a monkey could have beaten him second time around. But not a rabbit. That is the measure of Romney’s – and the GOP’s – failure.

The one thing the party had to do – and still has to do – is to find and groom and parade so stellar a selection of presidential candidates that whoever wins the nomination will also win the White House. Are they doing it now, after two spectacular failures? Don’t hold your breath.

Next, the party has failed to keep the RINOs in check. What this means is that Obama can pretty much do what he likes, knowing that the majority against him in the House is not as bad as it appears.

On the few matters where the Republicans have succeeded in keeping the RINOs in their place – such as climate change, where they have made it impossible for Obama to get any of his mad policies through Congress – Obama has simply circumvented Congress and used agencies such as the eminently abolishable EPA to extend their already wide powers of regulation by issuing what – in all but name – are new laws.

Article I, Section 1, of your Constitution says all legislative power is vested in Congress, and no place else. Yet the GOP has done just about nothing to oppose the gradual erosion of the legislative competence of Congress by the transfer of its lawmaking function to the Obama-supporting Supreme Court and to the Obama-supporting executive agencies of government.

Above all, the Republicans seem to have no manifesto. No one knows what – if anything – they still stand for, other than their own personal advancement. In no small part thanks to the poisonous influence of the RINOs, they have no common purpose, no worldview, no Weltanschauung, no message.

What would they do about the crippling federal debt Obama will soon have doubled, if he has not done so already? Er …

How would they propose to care for the hundreds of millions who now receive federal handouts and food stamps and other sweeties, when China ends its bailout of the U.S. and the money to provide that care runs out? Ah …

When would they sweep away the EPA, the IRS and other heavily politicized agencies Obama has used, at prodigious expense to taxpayers, to promote his own presidency? Um …

What would they do to prevent further erosion of the dollar’s value by federal money-printing? Oof …

What about the birth certificate? Urrgh …

What would be their policy to put the lid on the welfare honey-pot that attracts wetbacks? Mphm …

When would they end all subsidies to wind and solar energy, failed electric-car and battery corporations and other pointless, wasteful climate-related spending? Aaargh …

How would they propose to give Americans a real vision of the future of their nation and true hope for her future? Whfff …

If the trumpet give an uncertain sound, says the Good Book, who shall go forth to battle?

And the Republicans’ trumpet goes “Pfft … .”

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