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12 steps for surviving 'bankruptcy of our nation'

While America endures the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression, with no end in sight, it’s not too late for Americans to insulate themselves and their families from its ravages, says author Jerry Robinson, whose book “Bankruptcy of our Nation” is already helping many do just that. And today only, WND is offering Robinson’s book – subtitled “12 Key Strategies for Protecting Your Finances in These Uncertain Times” – for only $4.95!

Here’s what this insightful and practical guide provides:

With insightful clarity, Robinson identifies and examines the five dangerous trends currently impacting the U.S. economy and Americans’ financial security. Complex topics such as the sub-prime mortgage crisis and the rising levels of U.S. consumer debt are broken down into simple English for the average consumer, empowering readers to protect their assets and profits with 12 straightforward strategies.

Robinson is a conference speaker, columnist, economic consultant and president of Jerry Robinson Ministries International, which offers cutting-edge teaching on geopolitical, economic and cultural trends, and how they relate to the church.

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