Some superheroes save the day, and others – or at least others dressed like superheroes – simply want to brighten the day.

For five men visiting Vancouver, Canada, as part of an annual get-together this past week, the secret mission was simply to get out into the community, generate some smiles and honor the men and women who actually lay down their lives to save others.

“We typically get together maybe once a year, and we think, ‘What are we gonna do that maybe we’ll remember when we’re old and grey, sitting on our rocking chairs when we’re 80?'” one of the men told CTV British Columbia. “We hope to maybe make people happier today through the things that we’re doing – and raise awareness of how to celebrate people around us [who] are doing good things.”

To accomplish their mission – and to garner a few more smiles – the five men dressed up in costume as superheroes: Batman and Robin, The Green Lantern, Mr. Incredible, Spider-Man and even a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, to be precise.

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Like real superheroes, their secret identities of these five costumed crusaders remain hidden, but the long-term friends say they just wanted give back to the true heroes of the community. One of their first stops, therefore, was a Vancouver fire station, where the guys handed out bags of snacks and posed for a photo op:

“[They’re] everyday heroes we want to reward with some treats,” said the man portraying the Green Lantern. “We’ve got muffins and scones, and we’ve also got a bunch of packaged goods like granola bars, power bars.”

The adventures of the “superheroes” on their Twitter feed also reveal the guys stopped at Vancouver’s pediatric hospice facility Canuck Place to honor the doctors, nurses and caregivers and also Stanley Park, where the guys passed out balloons and flowers to passersby.

The superheroes also stood on an island at the downtown side of the Burrard Street Bridge with homemade signs reading, “Honk if you love superheroes,” or, “Holy crazy traffic! Honk if a superhero made you smile!”

“Judging by the number of honks,” writes CTV reporter Nafeesa Karim, “the men brought smiles to many reaching the last stretch of a grueling daily commute.”

“I think that’s really awesome,” one woman told the station. “I think it’s really cool that strangers are willing to go out there and make other strangers happy.”

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