In the world of Superman comics, the crazed character named Bizarro was a clone of Superman, with all the “man of steel’s” abilities and powers – except for one thing: A total rebel, everything Bizarro thought, said and did was purposefully the opposite of whatever the real Superman did. Bizarro lived on Bizarro World, which operated under “Bizarro logic,” according to which it was wrong to do anything right, moral or good.

While such a scenario makes for entertaining reading, it’s not so much fun when it becomes our reality. But September’s Whistleblower issue documents the amazing transformation of America into “BIZARRO AMERICA,” and reveals how, on so many fronts, the greatest nation in history is progressively morphing into the opposite of its original self.

Divided, angry, squabbling, the world’s largest debtor nation, with rampant divorce, family breakdown and unprecedented sexual anarchy, 1 in 7 on food stamps, 1 in 9 on antidepressants – on so many levels America is simply disintegrating.

From elevating America-hating Marxists to high office to rolling out the welcome mat for illegal invaders; from making sure voter fraud is as easy and convenient as possible to dismantling the world’s best healthcare system in favor of one that guarantees inferior care, long waits and care rationing; from enacting gun laws aimed at ensuring only bad guys have guns to doing everything possible to cripple domestic oil production; from allowing 3,000 unborn children to be butchered every day to giving millions of “depressed” people medications that make them want to commit suicide – the U.S. is rapidly becoming “BIZARRO AMERICA.”

The good news, however, is that while exposing exactly how and why America is being so negatively transformed, Whistleblower’s contributors also powerfully point us in the path of national redemption, showing how America might once again become what Ronald Reagan called a “shining city upon a hill.”

Highlights of “BIZARRO WORLD” include:

  • “How America morphed into ‘Bizarro World’” by David Kupelian, who offers a guided tour of the upside-down realm we now inhabit – and the way out
  • “California’s plan to help ‘infertile’ homosexual couples”
  • “Boys in girls’ locker rooms!” by Joseph Farah, who shows that under new laws, schools create gender confusion while pretending to eliminate it
  • “When politics collide with reality” by Thomas Sowell, on the “bouncing ball” effect that has led America into one disaster after another
  • “Assaulting Christians but coddling terrorists” by David Limbaugh, who shows that even the U.S. military is increasingly infringing on believers’ religious liberty
  • “Why do our ‘leaders’ announce our battle plans to our enemies?” by Thomas Sowell, on the absurdity of “proportional” response policies that just encourage aggression and war
  • “Growing ‘rights’ movement opens girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms, to boys” – on how schools are taking the position that, while other students “may feel uncomfortable” about having the other gender in their bathrooms, “this is not a reason to deny access to the transgender student”
  • “School to kids: Time to dress like the opposite sex” – on a particularly controversial part of “spirit week”
  • “’Gay’ lawmaker to Christians: ‘We’ll take your children’” by Matt Barber, a shocking story of how the legislator behind a controversial new policy claims helping children overcome their unwanted homosexual feelings is the equivalent of child “abuse” and “beating,” and that therefore such parents might lose their children to the state
  • “Our government funds dependency” by John Stossel, who says the Obama administration is more interested in promoting welfare than independence
  • “Schools punish brave students for saving lives” – a bizarre survey of schools punishing heroic students after they have stopped fights or prevented a suicide
  • “Bert and Ernie and children’s innocence” by Dennis Prager, on why the left is seemingly obsessed with “prematurely sexualizing” kids
  • “Pentagon aims to lower warrior standards” by Patrick J. Buchanan, on how our military is being forced to accept the irrational “dogma that women are just as good at soldiering as men”
  • “The war on 18-year-old girls” by Phyllis Schlafly, on the sheer madness of drafting young damsels to fight dragons
  • “Unhinged! Pro-abortion demonstrators go insane” by Chelsea Schilling and John Griffing. Find out why pro-abortion protesters consider late-term abortions “sacred ground” and respond to efforts to restrict abortions after 20 weeks by chanting “Hail Satan” and attempting to assault legislators with feces, urine, tampons and bricks
  • “Trading the world’s best healthcare for a nightmarish federal bureaucracy” by Dr. Lee Hieb, in which the surgeon explains exactly how Obamacare creates disaster – and does it on purpose
  • “Equating boys with rats” by David Kupelian, on the real reason animal-rights radicals claim “all life is equal”
  • “Government’s complicity in fatherlessness” by Phyllis Schlafly, on how the court system incentivizes divorce and family breakdown
  • “The greatest phony America’s ever known” by Ted Nugent, on the bizarre irony of Barack Obama using the P-word to describe his scandals
  • “More Americans choosing ‘equality’ over ‘freedom’” by Patrick J. Buchanan, who explains that “Égalité’ is a ‘founding principle of Robespierre’s revolution, not ours’
  • “Why some scientists embrace the ‘multiverse’” by Dennis Prager, showcasing atheists’ spectacular admission that they’ve lost the argument about intelligent design.

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“Have you ever wondered why, no matter which political party is in power nothing much meaningful ever seems to get done?

“Have you ever pondered the fact that in spite of the plentiful energy reserves in our nation, we continue to spend trillions of dollars buying oil from people who would like nothing better than to see America turned into a grease spot and blame our reticence to drill on a handful of environmental groups?

“Did you ever question why a gaggle of supposed public servants would vote for a multi-trillion-dollar piece of legislation they didn’t even take the time to read?

“Why do some of the mineral-richest countries on Earth have the most destitute populations?

“Why are there politicians who are Teflon as far as the media are concerned and others who resemble Velcro when it comes to their coverage?

“Why, after 200 years of being a free and fiercely independent nation, would the U.S. even consider giving over our precious sovereignty to a corrupt anti-American, double-dealing bunch of losers like the United Nations?

“Why is our Southern border as porous as a colander, and why does it make sense to be able to vote without proper identification when you can’t even check into a hotel room without it?

“Why would our money supply be determined by one man who can tighten up our currency or flood the world with cheap dollars that could trigger hyperinflation?”

“Behold a Pale Horse,” says Daniels, explores these and other perplexing questions – with answers that “may surprise you, tarnish some of your heroes, slaughter some of our sacred cows and pour some new wine into some very old wine skins.”

Music legend Charlie Daniels

There are forces at work on planet earth, adds the award-winning music star and American patriot …

“that are completely off the radar of mainstream America. They meet in secret, plan in secret and work both sides of the street politically, recruiting their disciples early on, from the best and the brightest, the mega wealthy and super powerful. A well-hidden organization which lurks in the shadows pulling the strings of those they can corrupt, with promises of wealth and high political office. A ruthless cadre of movers and shakers who will not settle for anything less than absolute global domination.”

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