Why do 130,000 or more people flock to San Diego each year for Comic-Con?

It’s more than comic books and superhero movies.

How about a 30-minute dash through a darkened city park, trying to escape the hordes of “Walking Dead” zombies? Collectible toys and movie paraphernalia worth tens of thousands of dollars? Exclusive sneak peeks into upcoming films and rubbing shoulders with the actors who star in them?

See what just some of the buzz is all about in the following video:

And for all fans of superheroes, you have to check out one Comic-Con geek who is actually living the dream of becoming a superhero! Watch the latest episode of the inspiring new reality series from WND-TV, “Zero to Superhero.”

Visit the “Zero to Superhero” archive for all the episodes and more exciting bonus features on living like a hero!

ZERO TO SUPERHERO: Bonus Feature: What is 'Comic-Con'?


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