Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the Muslim brothers accused of carrying out the Boston Marathon bombing, is now being portrayed by media reports not as a terrorist motivated by a commitment to Islamic radicalism but as a “right-wing extremist.”

The reports were spurred by a BBC documentary whose makers found what is described as “right-wing American literature” among his possessions.

The evidence for this claim?

  • publications “espousing white supremacy and government conspiracy theories”;
  • an article about “the rape of our gun rights”;
  • magazines that sympathized with Hitler; and
  • the brothers studied how other mass murderers performed their crimes.

Now maybe you’re asking yourself, “What do these ideas have to do with ‘right-wing extremism’?”

Me too.

  • White supremacy is not an ideological concept. There are racists on the left and right. And there are even more associated with Islamic extremism and other totalitarian worldviews.
  • That Islamic extremists would eagerly defend constitutional rights, including the right to bear arms, to achieve their objectives in America would appear to be obvious. They use the First Amendment to do it. Why not the Second Amendment? Also, exercising and defending constitutional gun rights was widely practiced by left-wing extremists, like the Black Panthers, in the 1960s and 1970s in America. It’s quite revealing that anyone defending the Constitution today in America is now viewed by the media as some kind of right-wing nutjob.
  • Hitler was no right-winger. He was a socialist and a genocidal maniac.
  • And what does the study of other mass murderers have to do with “right-wing” ideology?

What these reports illustrate is that the international media hate conservatives more than they detest mass-murdering Islamic terrorists.

They love “profiling” people as “dangerous right-wingers,” even while condemning the profiling of Islamic terrorists.

It’s not unusual to see history being revised. It’s just a little unusual to see it revised only weeks after it occurs, as in the case of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Largely ignored in the BBC report and offspring rewrites in the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo News, The Atlantic and elsewhere are the materials that actually support the fact that Tsarnaev’s motivation was his Islamic radicalism.

The only other materials found among the possessions of Tsarnaev show his obsession with radical Islamic ideology:

  • He “had material about U.S. drones killing civilians”;
  • He had literature “about the plight of those still imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay”;
  • Friend of the brothers told the BBC that he became passionate about Islam;
  • “He just didn’t like America,” said one friend. “He felt like America was just basically attacking all Middle Eastern countries … trying to take their oil.”
  • Before Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured, he scrawled a note that read: “We Muslims are one body. You hurt one, you hurt us all.”

The report also suggests Tamerlan was reading the anti-Semitic America Free Press and “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”

Again, how does this point to “right-wing” ideology?

It doesn’t, of course. That’s the point. It’s a wild fishing expedition to find an acceptable motivation for mass murder – namely “right-wing” fanaticism, not Islamic fanaticism.

As revealed in the new book “Disinformation” by Ion Mihai Pacepa, the top intelligence defector from the Soviet bloc to the West, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” the infamous anti-Semitic tract, was published by the Soviet Union by the hundreds of thousands for distribution throughout the Middle East, in an effort to breed hatred for Jews in Arab Muslims.

That strategy worked.

Let’s hope the kind of disinformation being published by the BBC and regurgitated without thought by the downstream media doesn’t gain that kind of currency.


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