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Chinese woman victimized by forced abortion

(LIFENEWS) – A new report from a top international human rights group indicates a Chinese woman has come forward to share the nightmarish details of her forced abortion at nine months of pregnancy.
According to a Chinese news report, Lili Zeng from Youshan Borough, Xinfeng County, Guangdong Province in China, was forcibly aborted at nine months. Her baby boy was born alive and died in her arms.
She said she felt “as if I were a pig waiting to be slaughtered,” according to human rights activist Reggie Littlejohn of the U.S.-based Women’s Rights Without Frontiers.
Littlejohn told LifeNews that, after repeated requests to the Family Planning Office for an explanation, Zeng reportedly received a lengthy communication from a Family Planning Officer stating that she had been forcibly aborted at the request of her ex-husband’s first wife, with whom he has a son.