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Erik Rush: Intolerant bigot

Is this really the kind of swill WND supports? [“Why do we celebrate inferior, foreign cultures?”] Erik Rush’s xenophobic, nationalistic diatribe is more fitting for perhaps the KKK. It certainly fits the new chic, reformed appearance they’re trying to portray. Sure, I’m only one reader, but I’m sure there are many that are reconsidering if this a site they want to continue to read but haven’t taken the time to let you know as I have here.

WND seems to advocate Christian views quite a bit. That’s fine. That’s what attracted me in the first place. But was anything in Rush’s article Christ-like? Labeling other cultures as inferior just because they don’t appear to be as successful as one’s own is arrogant, immature, ignorant and elitist. You do all Christians a disservice when you speak as a lamb one moment but tolerate hate in the next. This is why Christians are stereotyped as unloving, intolerant bigots.

I hope you do the right thing in removing the article. It would be to your benefit. Don’t believe me? Take the time to see what folks on Twitter have to say about Mr. Rush and his article.

Jordan Johnson