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Euthanasia of Tahoe bear 'despicable'

CARSON CITY, Nev.(AP) — Wildlife officials destroyed a black bear Monday after they decided the animal was a threat to the public at Lake Tahoe but a bear advocate called the killing “despicable.”

The 3-year-old male was captured Sunday for a second time on the lake’s south shore in the Glenbrook area, Nevada Department of Wildlife officials said. It was first captured and tagged in late June after the department received reports of a bear attempting to break into homes.

“This was the second time since late June that we have handled this bear and, based on its lack of fear of humans and the fact that it continues to be too comfortable around humans, we made the decision to euthanize it,” Department of Wildlife biologist Carl Lackey said in a statement.

Ann Bryant of the Tahoe-based BEAR League said the bruin did nothing wrong and was enticed by a trap set near an unsecured trash bin.