(Los Angeles Times) The gun-firing, obscenity-shouting Pennsylvania police chief whose online videos have received nearly a million views predicts that he will soon be fired from his decade-long tenure as the town’s top cop.

“Did I make some questionable videos? Sure,” Chief Mark Kessler told The Times. “But all I did was speak and express my 2nd Amendment rights. It was just me, my tiny camera … and a pile of dirt.”

Kessler was suspended by the seven-member Gilberton Borough Council earlier this month for the unauthorized firing of borough-owned automatic weapons on the YouTube videos in which he derides liberals and promotes gun rights while going off on profanity-laced rants.

One of Kessler’s most popular videos begins as an apology for his comments, but seconds later, he retracts his contrition, mouths off a string of obscenities, and sprays multiple rounds from several automatic weapons — owned by the borough.

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