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Give rodeo clown the Nobel Peace Prize!

“Comedy has to be based on truth. You take the truth and you put a little curlicue at the end.”

–Sid Caesar

“Originally, the rodeo clown was a single job combining ‘bullfighting’ – the protection of riders thrown from the bull, as well as being an individual who provided comic relief.”


“(CNN) … CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article incorrectly attributed inappropriate comments made about President Obama. …”

Just a few observations from the bottom up. First, any nation, people or rodeo audience that would allow CNN to determine for them what is “appropriate” or “inappropriate” in entertainment or political discourse has already sunk below the 80-IQ threshold. Your next stop is to join the carrots and Brussels sprouts. You can expect nothing beyond a life of servitude to your manipulative masters. The combined intelligence and integrity quotient of media reporters and commentators makes Baghdad Bob look like a reportorial genius and a paragon of observational integrity.

Working our way up these quotes we see that the rodeo clown has traditionally been part of the program to protect downed bull riders from the wrath of the angry bull. Folks, the man was just trying to do his job! If the Obama administration doesn’t qualify as an angry bull being ridden by world events, I don’t know what does.

Third, we come to the comic relief portion. Comedy is indeed based on reality. That is why it is funny. Only those who know their life and work is an inflated pile of B.S. littering the landscape like little piles of slapstick humor waiting for the footstep of the unwary take offense at a bit of jesting highlighting their efforts. Give that clown the Nobel Peace Prize!

Now here is a tip for those in America tasked with deciding what is “appropriate” and “inappropriate.” I think that includes all of us. Remember, it was during the Clinton dynasty that the administration’s monkey barrel first overturned and the little creatures scurried out into the media and took their “spokesperson” routine into the media circus. That marked the shift of the media from biased commentators to full-fledged propagandists intent on bringing down America to elevate the rest of the world. The French Revolution, writ large across the Western world.

Remember, Obama’s first coronation would never have occurred had former Clinton propagandist George Step-on-all-of-us not reminded the anointed during an interview that he was a “Christian,” not a Muslim. (Anyone who needs reminding is certainly neither.) The media, by accepting the dregs of the Clinton monkey barrel, traded integrity for access to power. What they got was a bunch of monkeys throwing their own feces at anyone not a member of the progressive clan. At that point the media had only entertainment to sell, as their ever-declining ratings and fire-sale purchase prices to new owners show.

The Obama regime was not satisfied with owning the media, however. They were intent on owning your mind (or what was left of it following a public “education”). NSA, through illegal espionage, tells the D.C. branch of the Chicago mob what you are thinking. “Personnas” allow them to guide your thinking into approved channels.

Study the comments after media stories about the news. “Personnas” are bogus social media, forum posters and email accounts under the control of artificial intelligence software. They are used to analyze the inane comments posted therein. Based on the result, a carefully scripted phrase is left that seems to shut down further postings or cast doubt on a particular line of comments. This software was originally developed to being peace and tranquility to the Middle East and help win the war on terror.

I note that talk host Mark Levin has developed a series of constitutional amendments to solve the problem of the federal government recycling the Constitution as toilet paper in executive branch “facilities.” Bless Levin’s heart, but I fear he is unable to see the forest for the trees. How is giving the lawless more laws to break going to solve the problem of lawlessness and sin?

Here is a little prediction. During the summer recess you will see similar comments made by plants in town-hall congressional meetings. If you are not smart enough to have figured out that elections are now scripted by the D.C. branch of the Chicago mob – well you should run for Congress. The outcome of that election will convince you.

There remains but one hope for America, and it must happen before the midterm elections. The House of Representatives must shut off the money. They can do it alone, but only while the Republicans still hold a majority. Taxpayer money is the lifeblood of political corruption. Shut off every drop. Starve the vermin. Then rebuild a federal government that lives within the confines of the Constitution. In the interim, let the states do their job and care for the needy they have created.