Hi, Joseph (and everyone else). Regarding the “journalist” who told the president to “shove it” [“Editor fired over ‘shove it’ Obama headline”] – remember how I wrote an essay for you in 2005 about speaking courteously to each other? I’m becoming increasingly upset by the discourteous way WND speaks about the president and almost gleefully encourages readers to disrespect him.

OK, fine – you don’t like him and you don’t agree with him. I didn’t like President Bush and believe he was the worst president in my lifetime. BUT as a step-parent and a mentor, I also believe I have a duty to teach respect for the office of the president. Kids are watching our behavior and watching what we do and say.

When your site tells readers that it’s fine to call the president names and be rude to him, I find that difficult to accept. Isn’t there a way to disagree with him and be passionately opposed to his policies without being insulting to him as a person? He is a child of God just like you and I, and while much of the time, your reporters just report, sometimes the commentaries veer into what seems harsh and cruel to me. I know it makes your audience happy every time there’s another story about someone who was rude to Mr. Obama, but all this rage just makes me sad. And I wonder what it’s teaching our kids.

Should I perhaps update my 2005 essay for you? All I am saying is that, like him or hate him, Barack Obama is the president. I didn’t like it when Bush was called rude names. I don’t like it when Obama is called rude names. There should be no joy in reporting that someone told the president to “shove it,” and it’s a sad day for journalism that anyone would speak to the leader of our country that way, no matter which party the person is from.

Donna L. Halper

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