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The news reports are coming in thick and fast:

  • In Henderson, Nev., the police violently entered a private home and arrested a man for refusing to allow police to use his home as a lookout for a domestic violence investigation of his neighbor.
  • In a SWAT training exercise in Ohio, a mock “gunman” hijacked a bus and tied up the children. There is some debate about whether the terrified bus driver and traumatized children knew in advance it was an exercise.
  • A 95-year-old World War II vet was killed by police who stormed his retirement home with riot shields after he refused to undergo high-risk surgery.
  • A Sacramento, Calif., couple’s infant son was literally ripped from their arms by CPS after they sought a second opinion for his medical care.
  • An Amish dairy farmer in Pennsylvania received a pre-dawn raid from FDA for selling raw milk to willing customers.
  • A man in his boxer shorts was handcuffed and forced to lay on his lawn (and his three young children confined to a police car) in a dawn raid by police in Stockton, Calif., for alleged financial aid fraud by his estranged wife.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

But it’s more than just home invasions. It’s wiretapping. It’s listening to our phone calls. It’s monitoring our Internet activity. It’s face-scanning of crowds. It’s micro-chipping school children. It’s grope-downs at airports. It’s audits for NRA supporters. It’s the IRS targeting conservative organizations.

It seems anything and everything is subject to invasion by the feds.

What additional excuses could the government come up with to violate people’s privacy? How about dawn raids for – listening to country music? Dressing in long skirts? Diapering our babies with cloth diapers? Paying cash at a store? Buying waterproof matches? C’mon, pick something random. It wouldn’t surprise me.

You could say, “That’s crazy talk. No one will investigate you for these kinds of things.”

Really? The FBI thinks differently.

With the full implementation of Obamacare, we can all expect “evidence-based” home visits by state workers. If you have the temerity to have a baby before you’re 21, or smoke cigarettes, or return from combat duty, or have a disabled child, or homeschool (which everyone knows people only do to hide the bruises), or otherwise fall outside of what the feral … er, federal … government deems to be acceptable behavior, then you’ll be “educated” by Obamacare goons. It’s not just “high risk” people who will receive home visits. It’s the “hard-to-engage” populations, as well as those in “rural or frontier” locations. (Frontier?)

And what will happen to those people who refuse home visits? Pre-dawn raids? Think about it.

That’s why I wasn’t surprised to learn the NSA broke privacy rules thousands of times per year. Hey, the gloves are off. What do they care what’s legal and what’s not? It’s not like they’ll get in trouble or anything. And when the gloves come off, it means we’ve crossed over into tyranny.

In short, if you don’t toe the government-mandated line, prepare to pay for it. The government seems to be yearning – thirsting – for any and all opportunities to do surprise raids and invade our privacy. Why do they hate us so much? Ordinary Americans, it seems, have become the enemy.

I believe these home invasions and other blatantly unconstitutional violations of our liberties are simply the government beta-testing the waters to see how we’ll respond. So why haven’t Americans revolted over such violations? Partly because most people are mainstream media-watching sheeple, and partly because the government is employing a divide-and-conquer strategy and picking us off one by one. After all, “what does it matter” what happens to a stranger far away?

Americans aren’t used to domestic tyranny and heavy-handed police-state tactics, so we must be trained. Clearly we are being indoctrinated, little by little, into accepting government domination and despotism. Refuse to comply, and you’ll find jack-booted thugs kicking in your door and tasering you to the floor at 3 a.m.

But all this makes me wonder about something.

What kinds of people get hired for the job of conducting these unnecessary SWAT raids and other fascist tactics? Who are these guys who bust in doors? And why do they do it? For fun? For profit? For slips and giggles? What motivates them? Aren’t these people ever ashamed of the idea of doing SWAT team raids over bad student loan debts or raw milk sales? Do they get a thrill up their leg for firing on elderly nursing-home residents?

When the DHS offers local police and sheriff’s departments “free” money to purchase high-tech gear and armored vehicles, will these organizations turn down the chance to acquire these kinds of toys? And once acquired, won’t they want to use them? And if there aren’t enough violent terrorists or hostage situations to choose from, don’t you think they’ll decide to try them out against elderly nursing home residents or someone in default of their student loans?

Unfortunately, we all know the answer.

I guess it’s not just ordinary citizens who are being indoctrinated to accept government tyranny. Government workers are also getting indoctrinated into believing it’s no big deal to become brown shirts and to violate every constitutional limitation ever put in place.

They say power corrupts. Give someone a chance to dominate others (and get paid for it too!), and power goes to their heads.

At this point, I’m supposed to say, “There are lots of fine government workers out there, it’s just the bad ones, etc. etc.” To which I must point out that the fine government workers don’t seem able or willing to rein in the feral government workers. Who’s refusing to follow the order to unnecessarily kick in someone’s door? Who’s filing charges against fellow rogue officers? Who’s investigating CPS thugs kidnapping children?

The war on terror has become a war on American citizens. Now government lackeys are encouraged to do home invasions or other constitutional violations for fun and profit.

I mourn for America.


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