Dr. Jerome Corsi was there on the last day of the 2012 presidential campaign, when Mitt Romney confided to reporters he was so confident of victory he had not written a concession speech.

Now available at the WND Superstore, “What Went Wrong?” is Corsi’s analysis of  how the Republican presidential candidate snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and what the GOP must do to win again.

Corsi may be uniquely qualified to make those assessments, having earned his PhD in political science from Harvard in 1972, as well as studying voting behavior for decades and penning the New York Times best sellers “Unfit for Command” and “The Obama Nation.”

WND’s camera was rolling as Corsi addressed the 2013 Eagle Forum Event in Washington on July 23,  to explain why the 2008 and 2012 elections were such “game changers.”

Corsi spent the last three weeks of the 2012 campaign traveling with the Romney campaign, and wondered about the confidence their camp’s message would beat Obama’s “ground game.”

Corsi noted, in contrast to the Republican’s old-school approach, the Democrats had “highly effective computer scientists, political scientists, communications scientists and psychologists” working for them. The Obama campaign even had physicists crunching numbers and doing statistical mapping.

“For the political scientists running the Obama campaign, it wasn’t about winning all of the country, it came down to eight states. And in those eight states it came down the cities and Cuyahoga County in Ohio,” explained the author to the Eagle Forum.

Corsi described how the Democrats narrowed their targets even further to just 50,000 voters in Ohio and another 50,000 in Florida, and the necessity of getting the African-American and Hispanic communities actively involved.

But the Obama campaign also hit upon ways to appeal to a wide variety of voters, such as sending emails so personalized, “you felt like they were talking to you personally.”

Corsi’s book outlines what the GOP must do to win the next elections.

His blueprint for victory requires the GOP challenge the Democrats in digital media strategy, voter intelligence efforts, and the deployment of computer-backed “Get Out the Vote” field technologies.

The doctor of political science diagnosis the problem as not one of Republican values, but one of campaign execution.

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