John Lennon

It seems like something out of a science-fiction thriller, but Beatles legend John Lennon could be “back in the U.S.,” back in the USA if a dentist looking to clone the slain singer has his way.

Dr. Michael Zuk of Alberta, Canada, is now working with American researchers to explore the DNA of the dead Beatle.

“It’ll be a mark on my headstone that I had a hand in bringing back one of rock’s greatest stars,” Zuk told the Edmonton Sun.

In 2011, the dentist purchased Lennon’s rotten molar at auction for $32,000, and he has since sent it to scientists at Penn State University, hoping to sequence the genetic code.

Zuk calls it “one of the best decisions” of his “life,” and is under the impression if sheep and mammoths can be cloned, the replication of human beings is also fathomable.

He actually has a collection of DNA samples from some of the biggest celebrities in the world, including Marilyn Monroe, Justin Bieber and Lennon’s fellow songwriter in the Beatles, Paul McCartney. Even Zuk’s sister, Kirsten Zuk, unveiled a sculpture recently that contains DNA from both McCartney and Lennon, called “McLennon.”

Canadian dentist Michael Zuk is hoping John Lennon can be cloned using the DNA from his tooth.

If somehow the sequencing of Lennon’s genetic code were successful and led to the replication of the dead rock star, Zuk says there would be a “need to recognize the legal rights of human clones.”

He also told the Sun that famous people could further their legacy by choosing a similar path.

“Walt Disney froze his head, but by cloning themselves, they could basically live forever,” he said.

“Take Bill Gates for example, a guy with endless amounts of money. If he wants to come back, he could. He’s more likely he’ll come back from cloning than freezing his head.”

Lennon gave his molar to his housekeeper Dot Jarlett in the late 1960s, and it eventually came into the possession of Alan McGee, the founder of Creation Records.

The BBC indicated McGee sold the tooth with other rock memorabilia via Omega Auctions.

The tooth has inspired a line of pendants, and a documentary on celebrity DNA.

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