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Impeachment book called 'right-wing fringe'

NEW YORK – Michael Tomasky, the Daily Beast’s special correspondent, called an impeachment book released this week a product of the “right-wing fringe.”

Tomasky failed to note the authors of the “Impeachable Offenses: The Case to Remove Barack Obama from Office,” Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott, previously singled him out as a member of the so-called left-wing fringe.

Tomasky reported at the Daily Beast on the release of Klein and Elliott’s new book, which he said was “straightforwardly but unimaginatively titled ‘Impeachable Offenses: The Case to Remove Barack Obama from Office.’

“Impeaching Obama May Be Absurd But That Won’t Stop the Right Wing Fringe” was the title of the Beast article.

Continued Tomasky: “Klein and Elliott exist in that sweaty and mephitic, yet highly profitable, corner of the swamp populated by people who write rumor-mongering books about Obama. Their earlier masterpiece is ‘The Manchurian President.’ It made the New York Times best-seller list for several weeks, as have a few of Klein’s other works. Who said grime doesn’t pay?”

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One of the other works referred to by Tomasky is a previous book by Klein and Elliott, “Red Army.”

Tomasky himself wrote a review of “Red Army” for the New York Review of Books in which he urged readers not to purchase the book.

“I can’t in good conscience recommend that anyone read ‘Red Army’ except perhaps the president,” Tomasky wrote.

In both his Beast and New York Review of Books pieces, Tomasky failed to note that he was prominently featured in “Red Army.”

In that work, Klein and Elliott singled out Tomasky as a member of the controversial progressive JournoList, which was caught conspiring to minimize negative publicity about President Obama’s radical ties while discussing ways to smear political opponents, including Sarah Palin.

Tomasky hit back at Klein, writing at the Beast, “I sometimes wonder if people like Klein are just hustling the rubes, as they say. But I guess he’s devoted far too many man-hours to the walking evil that is Barack Obama not to believe.”