On July 31, Rush Limbaugh interviewed Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, a leader in defunding Obamacare. It was a seminal opportunity lost, in my opinion. Rush’s questions veered more into politics than why Obamacare must be defunded and laid to rest.

The Republican argument for defunding should vehemently stress how Obamacare decimates health care, privacy and freedom. In addition to the skyrocketing costs and oppressive red tape of this idiotic Democratic boondoggle, how do Americans feel about IRS jackals – denizens of that corrupt, intrusive, prejudicial and untrustworthy government agency– overseeing and enforcing Obamacare? Trust in government across the board is in steep decline. How do Americans feel about Obamacare data hubs that will collect the most intimate details of the private lives of countless millions of Americans and share them with other agencies?

If the Republicans in the House fail to do everything possible to stop the dangerous and unpopular Obamacare, they are finished as a political party. Their failure to act will be a tipping point leading to decisive actions by the states to protect their citizens.

Rusty Moore

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