There has been a great hue and cry from some quarters about “stop and frisk” policies and, of course, the “civil rights leaders” (so-called) are leading the chant. It’s the same ole song, different lyrics: “targeting blacks,” “danger of being a young black male,” “racist cops” (even the black ones) and let us not forget “racial profiling.”

I have been giving this some thought. Despite assertions to the contrary from my critics, I know a little about being “black in America.” Let me sing a verse or two from a black, African-American, Afro-American, negro, colored man who was born in the U.S. In terms of discrimination, segregation, prejudice, racism – been there, done that.

Hold up your hand if you have attended a colored school, drank from a colored water fountain, waited while a female used the colored restroom (colored men and women used the same one), sat in the colored waiting room to get on the back of the bus to ride to town and go in the colored entrance to the movie where you sat in the colored balcony. Afterward, you stopped at the colored window at a Dairy Kreme (next to the “whites only” window) and heard them order “ni–er heads” (vanilla soft serve cones dipped in chocolate) or, while wearing the U.S. Air Force uniform, took your young just-potty-trained son out to pee against the wall because, “We don’t have rest rooms for colored in this department store.” Never mind taking off your hat when talking to whites or stepping off the sidewalk when a white woman passed. Hmmm, didn’t see many hands raised. Could it be because America has progressed so far so fast that most people reading this have no idea what I am talking about?

It has often been said, “What you don’t know won’t hurt you.” But that’s not true. Ignorance is deadly! Be the first to get Ben Kinchlow’s “Black Yellowdogs” before its Sept. 10 release.

I have a racial-profiling scenario/question to posit. Studies have found that the more ethnically or racially heterogeneous an area is, the higher the crime rates. In respective neighborhoods, according to FBI statistics, more than 90 percent of blacks are murdered by blacks. According to the same FBI figures, there are almost eight times more murders among blacks by blacks than by whites. So, if more than 90 percent of crimes in the black community are committed by blacks, does it make any sense to profile, focus on, or “stop and frisk” whites, Asians or Hispanics in black-dominated areas?

The good news is, there are always solutions to be found if one looks hard enough and is willing to consider options. I have a simple solution that should satisfy all our leading black “civil rights spokespersons.” It could be put in force in a single day and would require no increase in city, state or federal taxes. It could be easily implemented and would put an immediate end to the charges of “racial profiling” against police officers, black or white. No one in African-American neighborhoods would be profiled, stopped, embarrassed or angered by “stop and frisk.”

My solution? Simple: Just pull all the police out of black neighborhoods. Then draw a yellow line where the black enclaves end and pass a city ordinance: “Anyone on the policed side could be subject to the ‘stop and frisk’ ordinance.” You don’t want to be subjected to a possible “stop and frisk”? Stay on your side of the line.

Wait! Wait! Before you go off on a rant about how ignorant, uninformed and out of step I am, let me bring something to your attention. In certain parts of Europe – the Netherlands, Denmark and France, for example – that is exactly what is happening. In the “Shariah Triangle District” in the Hague, Netherlands, Muslims who objected to Western-style laws and rules told police to get out. In Denmark, Danish police depend on “Muslim elders” to “protect and defend.” It is spreading. People who don’t like the way things operate in the country they have chosen to live in are demanding (and getting) the right to live as they choose. There are numerous “police no-go” zones springing up in European countries. France, for instance, now has some 750 “police no-go” Muslim enclaves. No “stop and frisk” in those neighborhoods. In fact, policemen, firemen and ambulances refuse to enter those neighborhoods, and policemen, when they do go there, tend to avoid “provocation,” as an incident involving cops could generate a big “situation.” Solution? They just don’t patrol them anymore.

So, here’s the deal for “da hoods” in the U.S. No more racist “pigs” patrolling “da block,” frisking young black men and brutalizing “da brudders.” Instead of calling “the man,” you call Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the NAACP and other “civil rights” leaders/organizations to report any “misunderstandings.” They might be a little late, while organizing a demonstration, but surely they’ll be there.

Hey, look at the bright side. No “racist cops” stopping and frisking innocent, young black men in Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit and D.C. just because they have the highest murder rates among blacks.


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