As usual, Rush Limbaugh makes more sense than all the liberals combined. It’s always fascinating to watch the left come up with reasons for a certain reality, when in fact they are not facing the real reason(s).

Take the decline of newspapers, for instance.

I used to be a newspaper junkie, as many as I could lay my hands on. I’d get to work early so that I could devour all the news. Op-ed pages were my favorite. My personal print newspaper decline began when some of the old guard of the op-ed pages – men like John Robert Starr in Arkansas – began to well, die. Frankly, I found their replacements to be … mediocre.

But I digress. The real reason papers have declined in readership, of course, is the obvious: People were fed up with liberalism in the media, and they saw the rise of “the Internets.” And it happened seemingly rapidly. I well remember dial-up in the ’90s. One evening, I watched for well over an hour while the Jerusalem Post ever-so-slowly (emphasis on slow) appeared on the screen.

Today, I read WND, Commentary and a few others on my iPhone. To some degree, paper newspapers are now obsolete.

But Limbaugh has one core theory that is simple, according to a recent AP story (which I read online): “Radio powerhouse Rush Limbaugh says American newspapers are dying not because of a flawed business model or the influence of the Internet, but for one reason left-leaning journalists don’t wish to admit.

“‘When are you people gonna realize it is your content that’s being rejected? It’s your content that is your problem as much as anything else,’ Limbaugh said Wednesday on his top-rated radio program.”

Who can argue with this? We see the decline of liberal media outlets all over. Remember when leftist radio was going to challenge Limbaugh, Hannity, et al?

Didn’t happen.

Remember when our only choices were the three network news shows? A clue to what was coming came during the 1976 presidential campaign when the urbane John Chancellor expressed puzzlement in discussing Jimmy Carter’s “born-again” self-description. That was a big clue that Big Media did not understand – or want to understand – the great Middle America. Their elitism eventually would sink them.

I was in Israel last November on election night, and since the only American news channel I could get was MSNBC, I held my nose along with the TV remote. I was flabbergasted at the outright abandonment of journalistic ethics. The actual anchors were producing campaign ads for Obama!


So it’s really no surprise that many of the august papers of a bygone era are now in the dustbin. Limbaugh as usual is quite correct. As Americans have access to more news choices (and make no mistake, older generations are more tech-savvy than we might think), the Washington Posts of the world are suffering.


Which brings me to another news bombshell of recent days: the sale of the Washington Post to Amazon chief Jeff Bezos. (One wag hilariously wrote that Bezos accidentally hit the “buy” button on Amazon and is trying to get his money back for this purchase!)

The most telling aspect of this story is the purchase price: a cool $250 million … but 1/20th the price that could have been had just back in the ’90s! Talk about a stunning fall. Somewhere Dick Nixon must be smiling.

Recently, that super-patriot, Piers Morgan, interviewed Carl Bernstein, about the paper’s sale. Here’s what Bernstein had to say: “The great hope here is – look, our failings are an economic model that doesn’t work anymore, and hopefully by having a genius from the Internet age, from Internet technology who will help find a model that will preserve the most enduring aspects of great journalism and marry it with this new culture, that’s the hope. We need an economic model. We need somebody who has the deep pockets to sustain great reporting. That’s what’s been lacking.”

Well, Carl must be suffering from the effects of extreme nostalgia, which can cloud one’s thinking.

Again, Limbaugh has his finger on the problem: “You’ve got shrinking circulation, shrinking ad pages, shrinking ad revenue, and you wonder why your readers don’t even patronize your sponsors – and you don’t even think to look at the No. 1 reason why people would open a newspaper, and that’s what’s in it! The content.”

The American people are fed up with the leftist bias of the mainstream media. They recognize that the forces that drove Nixon from office four decades ago are morally bankrupt, as they prop-up a truly malevolent entity currently occupying the Oval Office. We now have, for example, WND, reporting news stories that expose the truth about media and a whole host of other topics. There are others.

Bezos can shovel cash into the inferno that is the Washington Post if he wants to; it’s his money. But the rest of us will read alternate sources of news, perhaps by the firelight provided by the flames that consume old, liberal media.

Or maybe he can get his money back.

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