Micheal Savage

Rumors abound that Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are being dropped by Cumulus radio stations at the end of this year.

Industry insider Michael Harrison noted that this could be good news for rival talk show host Michael Savage.

According to NewsMax.com: “Harrison said Cumulus will promote personalities like Michael Savage, who he says has tempered his performance amid concerns over being hyper-partisan to a more populist presentation, using softer subjects and more humor.

“Savage currently airs across the Cumulus talk radio network at nights and has been drawing phenomenal ratings,” the report continues. “Already there is talk among industry insiders that Savage could be moved to compete directly against Limbaugh or Hannity.”

Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh rarely agrees to interviews, so when he does, they make news.

This was especially true this week, when Rush told Greta Van Susteren of Fox News that President Obama “has done great damage to this country. … There is a sense of hopelessness and depression out there. And it’s his policies that have done this” (FREE video).

Limbaugh also celebrated the 25th anniversary of his show’s national syndication. The program started out on 56 affiliate stations across America and is now heard on over 600.

His staff sang “Happy Anniversary” to him and presented him with a cake, which he proudly showed off on the in-studio “Dittocam.” Limbaugh talked about how he got started in radio at age 16, back in his hometown of Cape Girardeau, Mo. (FREE audio).

Aaron Klein

What secrets are Anthony Weiner’s wife Huma hiding? Aaron Klein has the inside story, exposing her radical Muslim Brotherhood ties while the rest of the media ignore them.

As one of the only broadcasters who has read the entire immigration bill, Klein has been airing exclusive reports each week about its explosive contents, and this week is no exception. He claims one provision will actually prevent border control agents from carrying out their duties.

Guest John Bolton came on to talk about the NSA, Iran, North Korea and a “future Cuban missile crisis.” Plus Klein addresses the EU’s anti-Semitic boycott of Israeli “settlement” products and raises more questions about why the military wasn’t dispatched to the site of the Benghazi massacre (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

“I doubt it.”

That was Mark Levin’s curt response when Neil Cavuto of Fox News asked him if he would support New Jersey governor Chris Christie if he were the 2016 GOP nominee for president (FREE video).

“We conservatives have been fighting against the Republican establishment for half a century,” Levin told Cavuto. “This country needs to move in a new direction.”

Back on his own show, Levin elaborated: “If you dare to question what the RINOs and the ruling class does in Washington, D.C., then they’re going to come for you. … I don’t have a war on the Republican Party; the Republican Party has a war on conservatives” (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

“My advice to the Republicans is to spend the next 60 days focusing on what a disaster [Obamacare] is,” Former Speaker Newt Gingrich told Ingraham and her audience.

The GOP should focus on anecdotal, personal tales rather than statistics, he added, collecting “every possible horror story and weaving them into a clear and understandable story.”

Robert Rector, senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, came on the show to talk about the “big secret” behind the true cause of child poverty: “The decline of marriage.” Rector says insists this simple fact is “right in the data,” but the media and Democrats don’t want to admit it.

He noted, “If you go across the low income communities in the US, you will never find any social system that tells this population that being married is just as important as graduating high school” (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

Beck and Rush Limbaugh haven’t always seen eye to eye, with Glenn insisting that Rush is still too loyal to the GOP. However, Glenn praised Limbaugh’s interview on Fox News this week (FREE video).

“Never thought I would be able to say to you, Rush Limbaugh said, ‘Do everything you can to work within the Republican Party to take it over,'” Beck said to his listeners. “Honestly, Rush was a little like Bill O’Reilly at times, where he had his blinders on, about five years ago, kind of going down that road. I thought he’s kind of just going down and he’s a Republican, but that’s not who he is. Not at all. And he has come out strongly.”

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