It is a near-impossible task to determine which Obama-related antics generated the most mockery, cartoons, photoshopped images and jokes and hilarity on the Internet this past week. Where does one begin?

With the rodeo clown, of course. Because: “Above all else, the devil cannot stand to be mocked.” – C.S. Lewis

In support of freedom of speech and for the clown who was barred from appearing at a Missouri rodeo for wearing an Obama mask, Glenn and his sidekicks proclaimed Tuesday as “Mock Obama Day” on the Glenn Beck Radio Show. And they did, mercilessly, donning Obama masks and pink-bowed Minnie Mouse ears, which they wore for a good portion of the three-hour broadcast. Twitter quickly chimed in with thousands of #MockObamaDay tweets that continued for several days more.

“With so much material, one day is not enough,” tweeted one last Saturday.

Twitterers wasted no time offering their own send-ups of the geographically challenged (“57 states”, “Gulf Ports”) rodeo clown of the United States (“RCOTUS”), resurrecting the skeet-shooting flap, dog-eating comment, dismal ball-throwing ability both on the baseball field and basketball court, his teleprompter dependency, the umbrella foibles, his royal toast mishap, his “mom” jeans, his golf-course prancing, mispronunciation (“corpsemen”), and oh so much more, including a Saturday Night Live video clip showing that the rodeo clown wasn’t the first to don an Obama mask:

Blogger Jon Gabriel’s tweet polished it off with an ultimate insult to the arrogant President Apologizer: “Putin’s skinning a grizzly bear with his teeth and we’re stuck with this dork.

As if the rodeo clown gaff-astrophy wasn’t enough to set the Obama administration back on its heels last week, while POTUS was mixing it up with the “swells” on the Vineyard, his so-called “body-man” Reggie Love dumped another shovelful of “oops” on him, inadvertently generating a firestorm of presidential proportions and another wave of mocktastic revelry when he said in an interview that he and POTUS were engaged in an evening of card-playing in the White House private residence during the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound. Photoshoppers immediately set to work, depicting the presidential card game. One image of a card-holding Obama in the Situation Room went viral on Twitter and elsewhere throughout the social media-sphere.

The July 18th interview with Love was taped at UCLA’s Luskin School of Public Affairs and posted to The Artists & Athletes Alliance YouTube account. It was quickly taken down after Love’s revelations created a media “uproar” when it appeared on the Drudge Report. Uh oh.

Anticipating the vid might be scrubbed from the ‘net, several savvy bloggers and media outlets quickly copied it onto their hard drives. You can view it here. By the way, here’s how you can save YouTube videos to your computer without using any software. A very handy thing to know, you know…

No word yet from Love the body man about the presidential card-player’s whereabouts the night of the Benghazi massacre. But we’re pretty sure the other White House “swell” on the Vineyard would know.

The first family’s vacation on Millionaire’s Row, despite a day of no golf due to inclement weather, generated plenty of attention in the blogosphere, especially when First Dog Bo was airlifted from his D.C digs, along with POTUS’ balls via Osprey helicopter at an estimated cost of some $11,000 per hour to We the People.

As Daniel Greenfield observed, “Fresh from giving a speech warning disabled veterans that the sequester would cut their health benefits (more than he has already), Barack I ferried his dog on an advanced Marine Corps chopper.”

As  the following photo points out, Bo received more consideration for his safety than did the Americans killed in Benghazi:

“Leading from behind” was the blogosphere joke of the day on Friday, describing Obama’s bike ride, bringing up the rear behind FLOTUS and the “Wee Wons” as he peddled behind them. He had just been briefed on the situation in Egypt, where he is also leading from behind. Note: “Mom” jeans were nowhere to be seen on this trip.

Imagine these headlines from a truthful media?

While vacationing in the vineyard, Egypt exploded in rage and braces for even more violence and bloodshed. The bloodbath claimed hundreds. Luckily, the president of the most powerful nation managed to squeeze in a brief audio and later a six-minute video statement before immediately departing in his limo entourage for a scheduled golf game. But we suspect he was confident that although his message was as muddled as his foreign policy, his emissaries were on the case to douse the Egyptian flames and show support for his friends, the Muslim Brotherhood, a fact well noted by social media sharpies.

Meanwhile, Twitter curator Twitchy pointed out, “Egyptians haven’t been shy about expressing their displeasure with President Obama and his support of Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, carrying signs calling him a “jerk” and an “idiot” and Morsi his “b—-.” This weekend they took their frustration online, managing to trend the hashtag #ObamaMotherHasNoHair.”


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