After being robbed at gunpoint three weeks ago, a Houston, Texas, man resolved not to be the defenseless victim of armed violence again.

So when three armed men tried to stick him up Thursday, he was ready. The man reached into his car, pulled out his own gun and fired back.

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According to a KHOU-TV report, the man was smoking a cigarette in front of an office building called the Caroline Collective at about 7 a.m., when witnesses say three men tried to rob him at the curb.

The man then reached into his SUV, pulled out a high-caliber handgun and fired. Two of the suspects were injured, one critically, before wrestling the gun from the victim and then fleeing.

“There were three of them,” an unidentified witness told KHOU-TV. “They apparently had two guns and they were on him in a hurry. And he had the presence of mind to grab his gun and protect himself. I’m really glad he had a gun, because I think he might have been killed today.”

“There was an incident before so that’s why he was prepared for this,” said the victim’s friend, Grace Rodriguez. “That’s why he started carrying [the gun] – to be a little bit more safe.”

“I mean I wish all guns would go away, but that’s not gonna happen,” said neighbor Mark Arms, who awakened by the gunshots. “So I’m glad the guy had a gun and was able to protect himself.”

Police say the critically injured robber is hospitalized, while the other two suspects are still at large.

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