How can it be that Democrats are conducting class warfare while Republicans are not?

I recall Reagan cut the high taxes for the wealthy and increased the Social Security contributions for the lowest income people, shifting more of the burden from the most powerful to the weakest.

If I remember correctly, Reagan also doubled the national debt before he left office. I have supported your idea of Congress spending no more than what it takes in. Most Democrats want to do that, too. But you, Joseph, want to make it a Republican program and exclude Democrats.

Obama could right now agree to drop Obamacare and provide Medicare for everyone. How can Republicans say that is class warfare? The government is the only one capable of containing the bogus charges the health care industry is putting on the American people. The health care industry has so many laws in its favor. That it is now questionable if the majority of the country might be better off with no health-care establishment at all.

I know a lot of animal husbandry producers that have eliminated the services of the animal doctors. They seem to be surviving longer and are more prosperous than the farmers using the animal health care service. You talk about freedom, but do you know it is sometimes against the law to refuse health care? Do you know you lose your freedom when you lose all your money, too?

E.G. Siverson

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